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The Chosen One of Water

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February 19, 2009
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The Chosen one of Water was sent to a spartan camp at age 7, and remained there until age 14. There, he was toughened up and equiped with the most hardcore fighting skills. After his departure, he went to Japan to study martial arts. He found himself lost on the way however, and ended up in a hidden city in the ruins of lebanon, where they taught him there the Full Mastery of the physics of water, how to control it, bend it's molecules, make solid matter out of it, and most importantly, Drink it. :P Using this knowledge, he was able to breath under water, talk to sea animals, and ride the waves to japan. He mastered the arts of Hapkido, Shotokan, and was trained to use a katana infused with the element he had mastered, Water. He became one of the strongest and most knowledgable persons in the world, and he is also in the lineage of a wise man named Abed, and is cousins with the chosen one of fire. (although they do quarrel most of the time). He is currently a 17 year old resident of deathshadow, Skullorado. <-- Get it?!

More History

User:The Chosen One of Water/More History


A nature born rogue. Does not like to be aggravated when it’s rest time. He does have a soft side but when he goes beserker form, you’re dead. Does not like people who thinks they are better then him (that’s his job, to be better then them) Will accept a challenge any day, and is not a sore loser. His dark beserker mode can be powerful, and can prove his victory or bring down his downfall. [edit]


He really has no weaknesses except for the fact that he hates to get shocked (electricity) and sometimes, his rage can be the end of him.


He is basically a hardcore fighter, He uses his katana infused with the power of water, goes beserk, and has power of the all new discovered darkness emerald to boost his power. He can control water, sea animals, transform into one, and a bunch of other cool stuff. In other words, if you oppose him, he’ll turn you into a frozen posicle, roundhouse kick your headoff, cut you into a kebab, dance on your cut up body,and have a baby seal eat your remains. . He’s a pretty nice guy!


Raged Form

This is step 1 of his Doom Evolution Attack of Total Hell, or (D.E.A.T.H., I’m good at acronyms, but not as good as my cuz). His whole body turns red, his eyes go black, his katana turns black, and he can destroy land the size of Ann Arbor in Minutes.

Beserker Form

His crazy form, and his most common form too. His body turns black, his eyes pure red. His katana grows twice its size, and he can fire beams of shadow darkness from his hands. He posses anything and controll it, and his only weakness is light in this form.

Hell Beserker Form

His most powerful form, his body remains pitch black and eyes blood red, but he grows short red spikes from his body, he can plunge the world in his own hell dimension, where he is most powerful. He grows twice his size, as does his katana, and the only thing that can bring him down is his own rage. However, in order to turn into this form, he has to have the darkness emerald at its full power, and has to have been in his beserker form. He cannot change in to any of his forms if his katana is not with him though.

Serpent form

This is a side for, he turns into a blue serpent with green eyes, and well…blah blah blah you know what serpents do.

super form

this form the chosen one has to stay in serpent form. his body and eyes turn bright blue, and he can use all his attacks with twice the power.

hyper form

same as super, only now he can refract light as he wishes and can turn invisible.

Spartan Katana of the thousand Sea's


Due to the fact of him being sent to a spartan camp at an early age, he ran away to avoid becoming a slodier in the army. He took with him a "spatha", or the special shortsword that spartans used. Because he was wearing the spartan uniform, he was cornered by persions while he passed Marathon, but defeated them after recieving a large scar on his chest that was to remain there for the rest of his life. This is where his sword gets its "Spartan" Attribute.


As was mentioned earlier, he had set off to japan to train in the ancient shinobi arts. When he began training with his sword, they saw it was no use for him as katanas are normally long, and he had a shortsword. Not wishing to exchange it, he learned the arts of a blacksmith, thined the blade down a bit, lengthened it, and modified the handle.

Thousand seas

When i said he traveled, he traveled by sea. For some reason, every sea he passed by, his Katana would give off a bluish aura, and he could feel the power in it increasing. It was Fate and god's will that brought him to learn the arts of a hydromaster. It was called thousand sees because he traveled over 1000 seas and it collected their powers.



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SNN Friends

They are not in any order. If they were, i assure sonicblur, slj, and myself123 would have been the first users. Thankyou. If you think in any way that i am your friend and i have not added you, hit me on my talkpage.--: The Chosen One Of Water  ;) 20:54, 30 March 2009 (UTC)

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Sonic And The Black Knight

A drawing will be coming up about the chosen one of water as sir Agravaine in sonic and the black knight.--: The Chosen One Of Water  ;) 11:29, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

theme song

This is my custom them song..My official one is Am I Evil by Metallica

This is my new and greatly improved bigtime theme song

Love Interest

TCOOW has a love interest, Nightmare the Lynx (random fact: In sonic terms of names, TCOOW is known as Dark the Bull, and Chad the serpent) She is 18 years old, 1 year older then TCOOW's techincal age. They meet in the midst of the TCOOW mission to assisante the chosen one of fire, and after a fight, pair up. Their relation is said to be leading towards a marriage, but they= way i see it, its better left alone.

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