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Quotation1 The Power of Christ is enfused in my spear. Quotation2
Simon Belmont

Got it from a quiz. :B


Comic Stuff

Here, I'll show you guys sprites, sprite sheets, new comics, etc.

Wiki Friends

PKMNthehedgehog: He helped me out making my profile.

Knowall: Met him on chat, cool guy.

SandraThePorcupine: First official wiki friend.

Thunder the Hedgehog



The Shadow Of Darkness

Comic Credits and sprite

Shyguy Kingdom-sprites

Neox (Silver Sprites)

Some Userboxes (Tails Doll)

Blitz Xavier Echinda (Some Shad-sprites, I guess)

Midochaoshedgehog (& Friends) (Blaze sprites) (Dialga Sprite) (other PKMN sprites) (Sally Sprites) (other sprites) (for easy reach)


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