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I'm not Shadow, okay!

NOTE: This my fancharacter, Kit the Cat. I will use her as my avatar. I'm warning that this userpage is a work of fiction.

Kit the Cat(キット・、・猫, Koneko za Neko?) is friend of Sonic from an alternate Earth. She is actually a human but in Sonic's world she is a cat. Her speed is often compared to Sonic's but she is actually just a bit slower than Shadow. She is 15 and is 3' 2, 67lbs. as a cat and 5' 2, 108 lbs. as a human.


Kit is a human from an alternate Earth (where Sonic the Hedgehog is only a videogame). Her whole life was normal until the last day of middle school she was sucked into a portal and sent to Sonic's world and became an animorphic cat. She made new friends and found her true love Shadow the Hedgehog and best friend Knuckles, and a rival, the hedgehog himself, Sonic. She has saved Sonic's world twice.


Kit is an optimisit and cheery cat girl and enjoys an adventure from time to time. Just like a cat girl she acts like a cat at times. She has as much adittude as Sonic and does not like to get ticked. She also has an anger problem. She is a great fighter and will do anything to protect her friends. She often enjoys taunting Sonic as a sort of enteranment. Despite her additude, she can be very courtious depending on the sitation. She loves loves pizzas, chili dogs and seafood. Just like a cat she goes crazy over catnip. She is also very flirty.


Kit can run really fast and can go about as fast as Shadow. She has skilled ninja skills and can use a katana very well. All of her attacks involve kicks, sorta of like rouge. She also has a super transformation called Ultimate Kit. Her fur turns white and has a golden aura around her, she also gains the mighty golden katana in her super form. It is unknown how she becomes her super form but when she first turned into it she said she felt a strong jolt of power inside her. In her super form she has boosted speed and power.


Kit loathes heights and is scared of spiders. Also, it is not unknown for her to get exceedingly carried away with her attitude and cockiness. She's also not very good at math.

Relationships with other characters


Kat the Cat (long lost sister)

Ash the Bat (adopted brother)


Vector the Crocdile

Rouge the Bat

Blaze the Cat

Cream the Rabbit

Silver the Hedgehog (only if the world was at stake)

Hearts the Cheetah

Radic the Dog


Shadow the Hedgehog (boyfriend)

Knuckles the Echidna (best friend; helps him protect the Master Emerald)

Sonic the Hedgehog (friend and rival)

Amy Rose (good friend)

Espio the Chameleon (taught her ninjstu and is a good friend)

Charmy Bee (considers him a friend and babysits him often)

Tails the Fox (good friend)

Honey the Cat (good friend)

Razz the Bat (second best friend)

Krystal the Arctic Wolf (formerly an enemy, now an ally and friend)

Melody the Butterfly (a friend or ally when she's not being annoying)

Jude the Fox (third best friend; he used to have a crush on her)

Serene the Foxcoon (friend)

Kyle the Raccoon (good friend)


Sonic the Hedgehog (Friend and Rival)

Silver the Hedgehog (Arch-rival)


Shade the Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman

Hearts the Cheetah (formerly)

Krystal the Artic Wolf (formerly)

Radic the Dog (formerly)


Shadow the Hedgehog

Themes Songs

Sonic Heroes from Sonic Heroes

Follow Me from Sonic Heroes

I Wanna by The All-American Rejects

Caramell Dansen (sped-up version) by Caramell

Real World (without the lyrics) is for her super form, Ultimate Kit


"Whoo who! Got it!" After getting A rank

"Yes! Made it!" After getting B rank

"Eh... not too bad, right?" After getting C rank

"Aww man..." Aftering getting D rank

"Uhg, this is so embarassing." After getting E rank

"Get ready for the queen of speed!" After being selected

"Bring it on!" Before a battle

"Heh heh, I'm I too much for ya?" After winning a battle

"Oooo...That hurt..." After losing a battle

"Hey there Slow!" When taunting Sonic


They are both cat girls

They both love a hedgehog (Kit=Shadow, Sara=Sonic).

They both love videogames.

They both hate losing.

They both made Knuckles blush.

They both have brown hair.

  • Kit also shares similarities with Blaze the Cat:

They're from alternate worlds.

They're cats.

They're the only girls with a super form (Kit=Ultimate Kit, Blaze=Burning Blaze).

They both love a hedgehog (Kit=Shadow, Blaze=Silver).

They both hate heights (although Blaze might have gotten over her fear as seen in Sonic '06)

  • Kit the Cat is based off of her creator and catgirls in anime/ manga.

Okay time for you to know the real me!

Hi my name is Kit! Actaully my real name is Emily but call me Kit. I've created a fake inc. that is called Japan Comix Inc. Anyway, here are the Sonic games I've played:

  • Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games
  • Sonic Chronicles
  • Sonic and the Black Knight
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (virutal console)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (virutal console)

I've watched a bit of Sonic X , watched Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie on youtube, and I've SatAM on youtube also. I'm a fangirl of Shadow, so back off! My fav sonic girl is Amy Rose. I luv to draw! My fave animals are cats, foxes, and hedgehogs. My username is named after my fan character that represents me, Kit the Cat! I'm also a user on Sonic Fanon Wiki under the username of KittheCat and I'm also a user on Shadow Spy Net under the username UltimateShadow. I believe that Sonic comes form Earth, not Mobuis, not Planet Freedom, nor that unnamed planet in Sonic X. Got a problem with it? Well TOO BAD! I try to stay as close to the game canon as I can, so don't ever bring up Archie with me. I also play the Super Mario and Pokemon series. Oh yeah, I love Twilight! I also like the website

My fav sonic characters

Shadow the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Sonic the Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman

Tails the Fox

Espio the Chameleon

Vector the Crocodile

Charmy Bee

Rouge the Bat

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat


Maria Robontik


Shade the Echidna

Calburn the Sword



Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao

Metal Sonic

Fang the Sniper

Mighty the Armadillo

Honey the Cat

Tails Doll (It's cute, not scarey)

Bunnie Rabbot

Antoine D’Coolette

My fan Characters

Kit the Cat(of course)

Razz the Bat

Hearts the Cheetah

Shade the Hedgehog

Radic the Dog

Jude the Fox

Melody the Butterfly

Krystal the Artic Wolf

Kyle the Raccoon

Serene the Foxcoon (fox / raccoon crossbreed)

Peace the Dove

Aerial "Chaos" Raven

Candi the Mole

Lu-Lu Sue the Echidna

Gunnar the Echidna

Couples I support

  • Sonamy (Sonic and Amy)
  • Silaze (Silver and Blaze)
  • Shadaria (Shadow and Maria)
  • Knuxara (Knuckles and Sara)
  • Taiosmo (Tails and Cosmo)
  • Knuxouge (Knuckles and Rouge)
  • Migoney (Mighty and Honey)
  • Tairine (Tails and Marine)
  • Soniara (Sonic and Tiara)
  • Shadow and Kit (OC)
  • Vector and Razz (OC)
  • Charmy Bee and Melody (OC)
  • Jude (OC) and Serene (OC)
  • Kyle (OC) and Hearts (OC) or Fang and Hearts (OC), I like either one
  • Radic (OC) and Krystal (OC)
  • Peace (OC) and Aeiral "Chaos" Raven (OC)

OC=Original Character

This account is an alternate account of KittheCat (talk) (contributions)

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