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January 21, 2012
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Hello I go by the name Ykl. I came to make sure anything here is correct and proven. I check my sources so everything is right. I have been planing this for a while and I'm little upset that most of the problems in the sonic wiki were fix before I got to them. there are still flaws that I will find and fix.

I am a fan of blaze the cat. I try my best to keep her page clean and proven. I became upset with the unproven source so I decided to fix it. I hope one day something good happens.

My hard work has paid off. The blaze wiki is nearly free of all unintentional and intentional false info. I think I'll stick around a bit longer to see if the recently popular  bit about not being able to controll her powers pops up again.

I'm now the self proclaim gaurdian of the blaze wiki page. Whie not very strict I will always continue improving the page accurry and letting the people with imagination make this attrative an page

I'm not as active anymore, I rely on the sonic fan base more to keep the blaze wiki in check. I only pop up a few times per year to keep this place on track.

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