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Sonic the Hedgehog is my third favorite video game series. Metal Gear Solid is number two. With Jak and Daxter taking first. My favorite Sonic game would probably be Shadow the Hedgehog, maybe followed by Sonic Adventure 2, or Sonic '06. (I love games with a good story.) Besides those, there are plenty of individual games I love, along with many other game series'.

I spend most of my time on chatango with my friends. Other than that, I spend time on youtube, usually posting new videos. I currently have three series running, including: Death Note: Temporary Insanity, Code Lyoko Dubs, Dora Documentaries/Dora Rants/Dora Talks About. My youtube channel is here. Some of the other videos can be watched here (mostly Dora), but Veoh kind of screws up the timing of the videos, so a few things are off, you can probably notice. That's no deal breaker, though.

Besides that, I've written a few articles for Uncyclopedia, some of which are Sonic related. A few which were deleted. (Black Dumo (a parody of Juno), about the pregnancy of Black Doom was deleted. As was the article Shadow the Hedgehog. However, I did save it and it can be viewed here. Another article that was almost deleted but survived is Mephiles the Dark, you can find it here. (NOTE: Please reframe from editing Mephiles the Dark unless you can think of something, really, really, super funny to put. The reason Shadow was deleted was partly cause of too much editing done to it. The one on my page is a slightly cleaned up version, but there is some stuff in there that other people did. If you do edit it and it isn't funny, I'll likely delete it, especially if you do a major rewrite on it. Sorry, for being so strict. Lol.)

I also have a series running on Mibba, called Pop Culture Lentesco, you can read it here.

My favorite TV show is The Simpsons. My favorite anime is Death Note. I like a lot of other shows too, like Futurama, Supernatural, Scrubs, That '70s Show, Smallville, and tons of others. I hate Family Guy though, along with The Cleveland Show. To be fair though, American Dad! is alright. It has its moments. The other two, I don't care for at all, though.

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