Episode 1 Stage Plight

The gang gets ready for the school play, but an accident causes the stage to burn down. Can they fix the stage before opening night, and worse, before the principal, who is at a meeting at another school, finds out what happened?

Episode 2 Unnatural History

A field trip to the museum inspires Eggman to use his Animatron to revive the dinosaurs to do his bidding. He does and sends them on a rampage. Can I(Sonic) stop them in time?

Episode 3 Operation: Get Eggman fired!

The gang is sick of Eggman mistreating the students. So the students plan to get him fired.

Episode 4 Attack of the 50 foot Amy

The science fair is today and Tails shows off his growth ray which he plans to use to make bigger food to end world hunger. But it malfunctions and zaps Amy. She starts growing bigger and bigger and bigger. She goes crazy and starts smashing the city. Can she be stopped?

Episode 5 The new student

There is a new student at Sonic High. But they have no idea that he is actually a cleverly disguised robot created by Dr. Eggman who he plans to use to kill the principal and take over as him. Fortunatley, the gang realizes this in time and stop him.

More episodes coming soon. So what do you think, AmyRose14?