My game idea for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.


Hey guys, Sonic here. I know a bunch of fans were disappointed by the Sonic Unleashed game. So that's why I had an idea for a better version of the game. It could be rated E10 OR T.

In this version, I think fans wanted more personality amongst the Werehog OTHER than my personality. If so, I'm trying to cater to that by giving Werehog a more Incredible Hulk-like personality.


The Werehog takes a flaming bus and throws it at a GUN mech. And Werehog can smash anything and tear down a skyscraper. And you can rip a car apart and throw the pieces at enemies. THAT is the power this game intends to deliver. The action is over the top. I intend to make so in this version, with the momentum, you can do whatever you want, nothing can stop you. The free roam element in intended to give the player choice, you can start off anywhere in the enviroment you can go anywhere in the enviroment. If you want to start a mission and continue the story, it's avaliable at any time. If you want to just rampage through the city in Werehog form, you can do that. You can change to Werehog and normal me and back anytime you want by going to the pause menu and select "Transform".


The plot is mostly the same as the original version of Unleashed. I get hit by this ray by Dr. Eggman and it gets me turned into a Werehog, and in this while still trying to stop Gaia's plot I ALSO have to try to control the beast within.

Gameplay ideas

The gameplay could be similar to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Here, you can make me transform from Normal to Werehog at will. It has 3 open world enviroments and fully destructible envrioments(Station Square city, GUN base and Eggman's headquarters) with tons of story missions and challenges. The missions range from trying to make it through a mission as fast as you can(this is more of an aspect for normal mode) or you have to destroy or defend something or defeat all the enemies(this is more an aspect for Werehog form). You can even buy upgrades for normal AND Werehog form to help both of us learn new devastating moves. It even has a free roam mode, where you can just run through the city in Normal form, OR you could just go completely berserk in Werehog form and destroy everything in your path. At my most powerful in Werehog form you can perform one of five different ultra-powerful Devastator attacks including the Super ground smash. This special attack will unleash a massive shockwave that will clear enemies out for a multi-block radius, flatten entire buildings, and cause massive damage to enemies and objects alike. Later in the game, a strike alert is added. Smash enough stuff and the GUN agents will be out to hunt you down and destroy you. Destroy them and then get back to the rampage. Oh and the missions are unique. Some require you to be normal form, but some require you to be Werehog form.

Key factors to make the game a success

Epic battles

Total destruction

Extreme Manuverability

The freedom to do as you desire

Tell me what you think.