Hey guys, Sonic the Hedgehog here. Today I have a question to ask you. You all know that 2011 is my 20th birthday and me and my fellow employees at Sega made a new game, Sonic Generations in honor of that.

Now, here's the point...What are YOU going to do for my 20th anniversery/birthday?

For me, personally, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, the employees at Sega and EVEN Scratch and Grounder(believe it or not), and practically every single character that participated in making my series a success are throwing me a big birthday bash at Station Square central. It's going to have ALL my games to be played, and there is going to be party games like Pin the dunce cap on Eggman, and there going to be TONS of food, like birthday cake, Pizza, Barbecue food, and chili dogs(my favorite). It's just going to be ONE BIG BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA PARTY ALL DEDICATED TO ME! The only one NOT invited is Eggman(for obvious reasons). Oh and did I mention EVERYONE in Station Square is going to be there, too?

So, what are YOU going to do for my 20th birthday? I hope it's something fun.

Leave your comments telling me what you're going to do for it.