What's your favorite/least favorite all star from Sonic & Sega All Star Racing? Make sure your comments have a reason why you like/dislike that character's all star move. For example:

My favorite all star move is the Virtua Fight that Jacky & Akira uses because it is just that great that you can go so fast with awesome music that is just perfect. In fact, I like it so much that I usually like to test it on long straight aways(ex Shibuya Downtown) or any places that have lots of twists & turns.

My least favorite is Samba de Party that Amigo uses because his all star move is just scary because if you're in 1st, you get pulled down to 8th & not only that you get to dance with him. In fact, his all star move is so scary I refuse to play as him to this day.

Console exclusives can be used.