I'd like to make a disclaimer regarding Userboxes made by 3rd-Parties (Layman; Other users here).

While I do allow other users to make their own userboxes without interference to my, I am seeing a slight rise in the popularity of such, almost to the point that users have made entire collections of them for themselves. This message is primarily intended to prevent confusion over this.

Point One

I do not promote the use of homemade userboxes, however I do not condemn such actions. Feel free to make your own, but remember I do update my userbox collection occasionally and there is a STRONG chance that I will eventually add a userbox you need to my collection. I don't want to sound egotistic but I'd prefer for you to use my own instead of relying entirely on your homemade ones for completeness sake. Remember, If I have the time and proper matierials, I DO take requests to make userboxes!

Point Two

While the Userbox concept is not my original idea, the design I use is my own and I own the intellectual rights to it. While my design is too simple to be copyrighted, it still needs to be clear that whenever you post your own userboxes that I am credited with the design, however only of you are posting such userboxes in a 'Userboxes made By Me' section on your page, to avoid confusion with who created what first. I'm not saying that when you create your own that that's infringement and I could sue you, I simply mean I would like credit without having to ask for it.

Point Three

Any userboxes made by a third party are not endorsed by me, promoted or distributed by me. The person who uploaded his/her own userbox is the very likely to be the creator of that userbox, I do not upload, or promote or distribute userboxes made by other people. The ones I upload are 100% made by me ONLY.

Thank you for your time. --AdmiralLevi.Signiture BAdmiralLevi. Salute B 00:50, March 13, 2011 (UTC)