Allright, time to become a massive attention-grabber.

So, I had this completely *Original* idea of doing an Ask me Anything: an idea stolen from Reddit. Originally, this was to be a Q and A about the Welcome to the Future story arc, but I figured if I was going to make such a big deal about this, then I might as well make it about anything. This is your best time to ask me any questions about comic-making, video games, etc. No holds barred except common decency and the community rules, of course.

I'll try to get back to the *five* questions I'll be asked, don't expect me to answer right away. I'll do my best to answer every question, unless it's something that has obviously been answered by me before (Such as questions like "Where do you get your sprites?")


Ask your questions in the comment and I'll answer them. A 5-year-old can figure this out.

  • Where'd you hide my cupcakes?
Upstairs in the locked drawer.
  • Where do the ideas for the comics originate?
Well, I made the first few while I was stupidly bored over Spring Break 2009. At first they were drawn with Pen and Ink, for the school's lame newspaper. The comic never became a Sprite Comic using Sonic characters until 2010, when I began experimenting with sprite artwork. Some of the original ideas carried over, such as myself as a character. Of course, none of you would have noticed that since I doubt none of you went to school in the middle of scenic nowhereville.
  • Where do you get insporation for your jokes & plot?
Jokes; that's easy. Video game humor is simple. Take video game logic > Apply it to real life. Okay, I guess my dry sense of dealing with Sonic's stupidity counts as a joke, but that material writes itself. Plot; what plot? Oh, you mean that WttF thing? The storyline of the first episode is basically a copy/paste of Red Dawn. That's about it. The second episode is more complex, combining bits of the Deus Ex franchise and the Half-Life franchise, which is really evident on the way the comic deals with hidden governments, as well as it's cop-out ending that flagrantly rips off the Half-Life ending. Speaking of which;
  • What color is my underwear?
GEP-Gun Gray
  • Where can I find Tom Cat?
Wherever you find Jerry Mouse.
  • Which FPS do you perfer?
Half-Life. If you mean the Frames-Per-Second variety, the bigger the number, the better.
  • Why did you steal my Pizza? I was going to eat that.
Maybe you should try getting a job. Majestic 12 is hiring.
  • Is this "I" a capital i or a lowercase L?
Loweritalcase IL
  • What other games do you display interest in, aside from Half-Life?
Lots of games. Call of Duty, Advance Wars, Portal, you name it, I've probably played it.
  • Do you enjoy logic puzzles like Ace Attorney or Professor Layton?
I enjoy my logic puzzles with a side of bullets. I can't really play games that require a lot of thinking, so I haven't played the Professor Layton series.
  • Out of all the sites you've been to, which one has been the most helpful to you in making your comics? Especially for backgrounds and accessories. (P.S. - You should've put "epicly awesome" as an option for the poll)
While I would qualify this as a "Where do you get your stuff?" question, I might as well answer it. Mystical. Forest. Zone.
  • The "Leviathan" in your username is missing an A. Was this intentional or accidental, and why? Thank you.
I've already explained this to some certain people, but it was a typo. I just haven't bothered to create a new account to rectify a one-letter typo.
  • What's your opinion on Dragon Ball Z?
Never watched it.
  • What programs do use for sprite comics?
Like the MFZ question above, I would count this as one that could be easily found out if you checked my comic page or my userpage, but I'll answer it for completion's sake. I use a combination of MS Paint, Photoshop, Paint.NET, as well as several other programs you guys have never heard of, and sometimes Office Word or Powerpoint.
  • Have you ever made a comic only to completely delete it before it was published? If so, can you give a specific instance?
While I keep all finished comics in a special folder on my external hard drive, there are several comics I've made and finished but never posted here. A good recent example was the fact that I had a different ending for the WttF arc, that allowed you to "Choose" an ending in the cheesy choose-your-own-adventure style. I didn't go with that idea because it wasn't incorporated properly and all the endings were basically just different backgrounds and text. Aside from that, a lot of comics I don't post are for reasons like that, I.E. they weren't funny, they had some serious sprite glitches, they had content that might be considered offensive, etc.
  • Boxers or briefs? :D
Moving on. . .
  • Is the Kirby eating my arm red or green?
That's a trick question, we all know Kirby is pink.
  • I have a question.Would you make a sprite based wedseries on youtube like Super mario bros Z (If you don't what that is look up) with no mario characters just sonic and freinds on youtube?If so can you put characters in it like mighty,Ray,Sally,Nicole,the freedom fighters,Snively,Orbot and cubot,and of course Eggman as the main villan?
No. Oddly specific request, by the way.
  • Is Sonic Boom your favorite song in the the series like mine?
While I do like Sonic Boom, my favorite piece of Sonic music would be split between several level themes.
  • Do you know of BattleTech, or it's video game counterparts MechWarrior and MechAssault?
While I haven't seen the show/book/whatever, I've played the original game. Fantastic game, although I don't normally like Mech Combat.
  • opinion on fighting games and gsngnam style
I don't like to play fighting games, but I have played a few, so my opinion is meh. Gangnam style? Is that the horse-dancing thing? If so, that's awesome.
  • Have you ever heard of something called Vocaloid?
I've heard of it, I have no idea what it is.
  • What made you want to start making sprite comics on this wiki?
I basically answered this question already, but it was just a short experiment with Sprite comics. The first few were pretty bad, but once I improved upon the formula, and once the comic became somewhat popular, I stuck with it.
  • In your new Gmod series thing.will there be an appearance of Painis cupcake?
No. For the same reasons you never see "Pingas" or "Piness" appear in my sprite comic series.
  • What will your new sonic gmod series be about?
I can't tell you.
  • What sonic characters will be in your new gmod series.
"New" as in fan-made? None, not even my own. "New" as in characters I haven't featured before? Also none, due to the lack of quality Sonic models (I refuse to use the plasticine Gamecube models I see on
  • Where can I get my own fan character?
You make one yourself. With your imagination. Of course, if you're like me and you don't have one, then making one is still easy.


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