To my own surprise, I'm alive and well! You all haven't heard much from me since I've been enjoying my vacation from worrying about doing Comics or being active in general. I know right? Life. Pssh.

Anyway, I was making some plans for one final story arc that will conclude the entire "Future-Saga" the last several Comic arcs have covered. This time, however, I had some thoughts.

While the medium of a sprite comic was ideal for telling my short little plot-holed stories in the beginning, I began to come into some problems while plagiarizing writing "One Hedgehog Against the World"; Small-format sprite comics don't mesh well with large stories that require a lot of exposition.

My conclusion arc (Which I'm debating calling "The End" for reasons) will be insanely explanation-heavy. It will end the stories of Admiral and Leviathan once and for all, as well as expose the two characters's motivations and their roles in the Future Saga. So predictably, with the amount of text that will be swarming around your monitors, it will turn out more like a book than a comic.

"A book, hmm?" you think rather apprehensively; "Why don't you write a fanfiction?"

Well, that's my plan. I've written fiction before, and as you noticed I'm not entirely incompetent with a keyboard, so I have no doubts in being able to do it. This is where I give the all important disclaimer;

This will take me a long time, but I hope it's worth it. The installments (Or "Chapters" in this case since I will release the fanfiction in chapter segments) will come more infrequently than the comic issues.

At some point after I conclude the story arc, I might go and make a comic adaptation, but that will be purely a supplement to the actual fanfiction. Doing the comic first would stunt my storytelling ability.

Expect to see the first chapter sometime before the end of April.

TL;DR: Admiral is doing stuff now. He's gonna write a fanfiction that permanently ends the comic's story. It will take long and his hands will hurt.