Adm. Thumbnail: By the time that I post this, I'll be in Canada or New York or whatever the nice travel people offered me. What's that? I'm still in Florida? No, I swear I'm on vacation! My IP address? Must be the same as the hotel I'm in.

Okay seriously, War Thunder broke me. It's like WoW but more shooty bits. Also, I finally got the elusive HS-129B, which probably makes some people very confused about what that exactly is, but just understand that it's a huge disappointment but I wanted it anyway. Just like the Arado 234, which is utterly incapable of defending itself.

Okay seriously again, I slacked off on the comics because summer is cool. I'll probably get back to regular updates after my *Real* vacation (After the 12th-ish). In the meantime, enjoy this picture thing;

I'm Not Here TSC16B

--ALSigNew1ALSigNew2 04:51, June 28, 2013 (UTC)