I QUIT doing the comic for good! All the comments I get nowadays are 'I don't get it' and 'Look at some other user's comic lololol'. HOW insulting can you get?! Also, not ONLY are people being complete annoyances, but they are TAKING my ideas without at least giving me credit! I've officially lost my individuality, folks. To the uncommon user I'm just an opportunity to advertise to!

Also, to add to this, I'm not appreciated ONE BIT. The only thing a person sees about me is my occasional bout of anger which is UNAVOIDABLE considering how the lot of twelve-year-olds act around here!

If only people stepped into my shoes, seeing things from a veteran comic artist losing his seniority and fanbase to one-shot artists who don't care for others feelings. It's not very fair to ME when my ideas are taken by a whole flock of users, leaving me another drone with the same fad as everyone else. It's frustrating when once I do something, everyone else copies it!

Unless someone can say something really convincing, I RESIGN.

Admiral Sig Halloween 21:21, October 18, 2010 (UTC)