Some of you may be wondering when the next comic is going to be released. . . okay, maybe not but I have to tell you anyway, I can't just leave you guys hanging.

I've been busy making the Gmod Comic, the likes of which I won't tell you much new stuff about, but I've been waiting for the big update to Gmod 13. Unfortunately, this means that I can't use any of the Sonic Models I procured due to graphical bugs and incompatibility. Therefore, that series is postponed until further notice. I do have a test comic I made in Gmod 12, however I think it's lame and should never see the light of day here. With that said. . .

. . . the sprite series will be returning soon. Of course, I won't disclose anything about that either, and all you need to know is that it'll be another big series acting as a spiritual successor to the WttF arc. I don't know when I will begin posting that arc (Mainly since I haven't started on it yet, I just drew some pretty concept art), but I know for a fact that I'll be doing at least something for Halloween. I don't know exactly what yet, so feel free to suggest something, you just might see your idea made.

ADD, TL;DR: Stuff is happening. This stuff should be happening soon.

-- ALSigNew1ALSigNew2 20:56, October 25, 2012 (UTC)