[Locale intel- RA34]

[Searching. . . ]

[. . .]


[Signal lost, presumed MIA]

[Connecting to server]

[Searching. . .]

[. . .]


[Connecting to Server Delta-One-Yankee]

[Incoming Trasmisson]

Cmd AL: The whiteout ends here?

Gen: AA: Yes, right at the beach.

Cmd AL: Why would a communications jam be placed there? Why not a block on the entire island?

Gen AA: They're expecting an air insertion, that's why.

Cmd AL: Go by sea, then.

Gen AA: But. . . sir. . .

Cmd AL: I don't want to hear it. With the Master Emerald's guardian gone, we're ready to drop the island at any time. Dropping the island will allow our ships to breach the waterways, and in turn access the ocean by Azure City.

Gen AA: Will our cannons reach that far?

Cmd AL: No, but teams of artillery can be loaded onto our landers, we just need a shoal to drop them.

Gen AA: There's only one shoal we can access from Azure Lake, and that would be. . .

Cmd AL: The one by Kalm Manor.

Gen AA: Agreed, landing there, we'll be able to tie up one more loose end.

Cmd AL: It also gives us a straight shot to our objective.

Gen AA: They're not prepared, right?

Cmd AL: My Recon squads found no enemy resistance, so no.

Gen AA: We can also get the exact location of our objective from our. . . little buddy.

Cmd AL: Heh heh heh, I'm dealing with him myself.

Gen AA: I'll give the alarm and rally the troops, we leave by midday tomorrow.

Cmd AL: Good hunting, General.

[End Transmission]

Admiral Sig Halloween 21:24, October 26, 2010 (UTC)