Uhm, hey, i'm Agent Unknown and i'd be happy to join this wiki. First of all, i haven't got much experience in Sonic games, i'm more interested in the Super Mario franchise but i've gotten interested in Sonic the Hedgehog lately because of Charriii5's parody series of CinemaSins' "Everything Wrong With" where he explains sins in mostly Sonic games. I did this on another wiki but i just lost interest, now that i've watched some of Charriii5's "Everything Wrong With" of Sonic games, i think i should stop doing them on the other wiki and do them here, if that'd be okay with you guys. These are just gonna be my reasons, not anyone else's Also, i might do more blogs about different stuff and contribute more to the wiki. I hope you get to know me in the next few months as i'll spend lots of my time here. I'm gonna start off my version of "Everything Wrong With" of Sonic games in the next blog. I'm gonna let you guys decide which of these four games i should do first. Voting ends on January 27 and you can state in the comments, what you voted for. Hope you enjoy me so far.

What Sonic game should i do my "Everything Wrong With" series on first?

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Please note that none of my blogs will have any inappropriate in them.