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  • A smol bean boi
    • Sonic runs thru a door.*

    Sonic: Alright! Show yourself!

    • Strange device activates, making green lighting, shocking stuff*
    • GLaDOS' laugh echoes thru the chamber, with Headcrab's shrieks with it*

    GLaDOS: *GLaDOS appears* Oh. It's you. After you sent me into the Space Time, I thought I'd bring back a few friends.

    • O Fortuna begins to play as Headcrabs appear*

    Sonic: Heh. To scared to fight fair? I guess that makes sense. GLaDOS: No, it's just it still wouldn't be fair even without the Combine. Sonic: And why? GLaDOS: Because you'd have to fight me. *Seven screens activate, showing the Chaos Emeralds* Why do you look so shocked? I had to do something while I was in Space Time. Sonic: Okay, let's begin our lesson, cuz I'm gonna school you!

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    This is built the way of the Zelda Timeline, with reincarnaitons. 

    this the beginning of the tineline. Sonic (Sonic Boom)'s ancestors (prior to hedgehog staues, as stated by Sonic Team members) defeat Lyric, until Sonic traps him himself.

    The next part in the timeline. It takes place thousand of years before the other games, due to the vast jungleness of the world.

    Hedgehog awesomeness is carried on.

    The basic 90's of the timeline.

    New hedgehog comes, named Silence.

    New Sonic comes along, meets new friends. By now, Xorda invasion begins.

    Sonic from Modern! and friends return.

    New Sonic comes, and makes a new rival.

    New Sonic comes after Silence,  meets Metal Sonic.

    World breaks, Earth begins to transform.

    New Sonic co…

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    Here is a place for main baddies of your Sonicverse!!

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    Hello! I'm Aidan the Hedgedog, and this is my theory! The title says it all, Mephiles the Dark is Shadow from Sonic Boom. Here is my evidance. 

    In the battle, his attacks are nearly identical to Mephiles' boss battle attacks. He has Mephiles' shoot, and his charge. When he charges, Shadow turns red, much like Mephiles turns purple when he charges. Also, in the battle, you and Shadez travel thru time, much like how the BBs against Mephiles take place in different times. Also, he states that friendship is weak, and, Mephiles hates friendship.

    His chest hair is exactly the same as Shadow's, and so is his fur.  Also, you can tell by Mephiles' muzzle he is smirking most of the time, just like Shadow. Also, both of their spines/hair are sticking a …

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