• Sonic runs thru a door.*

Sonic: Alright! Show yourself!

  • Strange device activates, making green lighting, shocking stuff*
  • GLaDOS' laugh echoes thru the chamber, with Headcrab's shrieks with it*

GLaDOS: *GLaDOS appears* Oh. It's you. After you sent me into the Space Time, I thought I'd bring back a few friends.

  • O Fortuna begins to play as Headcrabs appear*

Sonic: Heh. To scared to fight fair? I guess that makes sense. GLaDOS: No, it's just it still wouldn't be fair even without the Combine. Sonic: And why? GLaDOS: Because you'd have to fight me. *Seven screens activate, showing the Chaos Emeralds* Why do you look so shocked? I had to do something while I was in Space Time. Sonic: Okay, let's begin our lesson, cuz I'm gonna school you!

  • O Fortuna Rock plays as the battle begins*

Turret: Derp-loying! Target over dhere! Other Turret: Flareon, use Gunshot! *both turrets begin shooting*

  • Sonic takes them out, and accidentally hits GLaDOS*

GLaDOS: Gahh!! *Chaos Emerald falls out of a tube, Sonic grabs it* GLaDOS: No! Nonononononono! Crabs, get 'em!

  • Headcrabs begin running after Sonic*
  • Battle carries out, getting more and more intense and epic as it goes on.*
  • Sonic grabs the final Emerald*

Sonic: Lemme show you some REAL power!!! GLaDOS: Gahh!! Plan B! Plan B!!!

  • Hatch opens*

GLaDOS: May god have mercy on your soul! *Strange device teleports GLaDOS*

  • Small black birds come thru*
  • Super Sonic zaps them all*

Super Sonic: Oh. Umm...that was, well...anticlimactic.

  • Small door opens, revealing Sonic's kidnapped friends and some cake*

Amy: Sonic! Oh, Sonic you defeated that mean old witch! Tails: She was mean, but...a work of mechanical art. *Sighs, broken heart appears over his head* Sonic: Alright, let's get outta here!

  • Strange device activates, but Tails notices something*

Tails: Hey, this was made by Black Mesa. Sonic: So?

  • Tails closes his eyes and thinks*

Tails: Black Mesa was destroyed years before Mobius was formed. Honey: Yeah, and Gerald Robotnik was the one of the only ones who new about these machines.

  • Strange device begins to deactivate*

Sonic: No time for a history lesson! We need to leave! *Pulls his friends into the strange device* Sally: I'm glad we're getting out of here! This place is weird!

  • They go thru the portal.*

The EndEdit