This is built the way of the Zelda Timeline, with reincarnaitons. 

Before Sonic Boom

this the beginning of the tineline. Sonic (Sonic Boom)'s ancestors (prior to hedgehog staues, as stated by Sonic Team members) defeat Lyric, until Sonic traps him himself.

Sonic Boom

The next part in the timeline. It takes place thousand of years before the other games, due to the vast jungleness of the world.

Between Sonic Boom and Comics

Hedgehog awesomeness is carried on.

90's Sonic Comics

The basic 90's of the timeline.

Classic Games

New hedgehog comes, named Silence.

Modern! Games

New Sonic comes along, meets new friends. By now, Xorda invasion begins.

Sonic Adventure

Sonic from Modern! and friends return.

Sonic Adventure 2

New Sonic comes, and makes a new rival.

Sonic CD (Between 90s and Classics)

New Sonic comes after Silence,  meets Metal Sonic.

Sonic Unleashed

World breaks, Earth begins to transform.

Before Lost World and Sonic Colors

New Sonic comes.


Sonic and new Tails fight Eggman. New technology everywhere.

Lost World

Sonic and Tails from Colors find Lost Hex (soon to be Mobius).


New Sonic comes, Earth is now Mobius. Last part of the timeline.

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