You know in the Archie Sonic Comics that some of the characters love each other? Yeah, there's Sonic and Sally, Knuckles and Julie-Su, Charmy and Saffron, Antione and Bunnie (to the point of marriage, I might add), the lesser known Ash and Mina (I only say "lesser known" because their relationship has been seen in very few comics. Correct me if I'm wrong.), and heck, even Fiona and Scourge were dating for a while. But, what if for a moment, you thought that other characters could benefit from a relationship, like say, oh, I don't know, Tails or Mighty. I mean Tails's heart was broken from Fiona, and Mighty could use a lady in his life besides his lost sister. (I'm not saying that he shouldn't look for his sister, I'm just saying he could benefit from another woman in his life.) And other characters could benefit from a man or woman too, so I have come up with an idea if enough people are on board with it. My idea is to write to Archie Comics, asking them to think about giving other characters a relationship, and then do it. If you're not on board with it, and think I'm crazy for ever having an idea like that, I don't blame you. I think this idea might not go well with you guys. Just comment on what you think about it. See ya!!

P.S: Other blog comics on the way, so don't fret. =)