• All-Gigue

    Many of you have been rather harsh towards me on the chat, for reasons I disagree with. I was banned without proper reason/rule and mocked by a child while everybody else sat idly.

    I felt betrayed by these people who had been so friendly before. Here, even flame seems giddy to ban me.

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    • 9:30JackofgravesHey, you.
    • Psst.
    • 9:30BlueFlametheAmanWhat?
    • 9:30JackofgravesCan you keep a secret?
    • 9:30BlueFlametheAman?
    • 9:30JackofgravesIt's me, All. I'm only here to find out how long I'm banned from chat.
    • I don't want to dig anything deeper than I have.
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