So I am new to this wiki. I just wanted to say as a few people already know here mostly what I do in sonic is watch Sonic Boom and play Sonic Adventure 2 stages and Chao Garden. I mostly play chao garden because it is just really fun for me.

So I just wanted to say all the chao I have and about my ultimate amazing chao. These are chao's I have had/have. Echo is the ultimate chao :D.

Name Type Gender Status
Echo Hero+Fly+Swim Male He has all of his stats 99 except Power and he know 13/16 kindergarden lesson.
Buzzy Hero+Swim Male He has 2 99 stats which are Swim and Run I want to make him run next.
Airu Dark+Run Male I want to make him a shadow chao he knows 1/3 of the lessons and he is soon to evolve into a shadow chao.
Zippy Hero+Swim Male He knows 1/3 of the lessons and he just evoloved he has a level 65 swimming.
BRanger Neutral Male This chao was just born and I want to make it a sonic chao it also is a shiny chao.
Pinky Dark+Fly Female She evlolved into a flying I want to make her a fly+run she knows 3 lessons.
Tails Neutral+Fly Male I named him tails and am trying to make him look like Tails.