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  • AlyxTheHedgehog

    Tails VS Bentley

    March 28, 2012 by AlyxTheHedgehog

    WARNING: The following blog contains opinions. This does not mean that Im right and you're wrong. This is just what I think about the subject I'm typing about. Heres the difference between Fact and Opinion. Heres a Fact: Deathclaws are hard to kill. Here's an Opinion: Tribes Ascend is better than Call Of Duty. Enjoy reading.

    Okay, heres another VS of the two awesome mechanics. Tails The Fox VS Bentley. I'll be supprting Tails while my friend Melissa supports Bentley.

    Best Mechanics in the world!!

    I just think Tails is awesome. He is the smartest animal I have ever seen. He made a plane called Tornado X. That can transform into a mecha... (I hope i got that right) I have never seen a plane do that. Tails can created any gadget that comes to hi…

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  • AlyxTheHedgehog

    Sonic VS MegaMan

    March 26, 2012 by AlyxTheHedgehog

    WARNING: The following blog contains Opinions. This doesnt mean that I'm right and you're wrong. This is just what I think about the subject I'm typing about. Dont try to call the cops on me saying that I'm wrong, because for one, you dont even know where I live and two, thats ridiculous. Enjoy Reading.

    ALLLRIIGHTY THEN! I've been gone for awhile. I'm suprised things havent changed at all, still the same, thats good news for me :P Anyway, this blog is gonna be another VS. We have the awesome blue guy, Sonic, versing the boy with a pop gun, MegaMan.

    Uh.. Idk where to start, but the point is to see which could win in a fight. So... lets get to it shall we? I'll be supporting Sonic while my friend, Melissa, will be supporting MegaMan....She's…

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  • AlyxTheHedgehog

    The Sonic Couples

    February 12, 2012 by AlyxTheHedgehog

    WARNING! The following blog contains opinions. This does not mean that I'm right and you're wrong. This is just my opinion about the subject I'm writing about. Please dont try to write a 10 page essay about how you're opinion is correct and mine is wrong. Enjoy reading.

    Sonic Couples... Lovely. I think its kinda cute but most of the time its just... just very weird. Here are my opinions about some of the Sonic Couples i've seen and heard about.

    I find this very odd. I mean, Sonic just likes Amy as a friend, not... more than that. It's cute, but I disike it. Sometimes I think Amy is stalking Sonic half of the time. Like in Sonic The Hedgehog '06, Amy followed Sonic, and got herself lost in Eggman's base. For some reason, I just think they're …

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  • AlyxTheHedgehog

    I've notice most games I've played have a health bar. My question is, why doesnt any of the Sonic games have a health bar? Well... some do like Sonic And The Secret Rings and Sonic Unleashed (in werehog form). Here are my opinions about this.

    So this is how I see in every Sonic game. The gold rings are basically his blood. He gathers up his gold blood, once he gets hit, he loses his gold blood. But he is able to get it back. Another hit, he looses his gold blood and eats it back up again. Makes sense right?

    Atleast he should have a health bar instead of using gold rings as his health. That should be used for money. Like bolts in the Ratchet and Clank series, Coins from the Sly Cooper series, Star Bits in the Mario Galaxy series. And I guess …

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  • AlyxTheHedgehog

    I played it, I've finished it, and I give my opinion on it. Again, this is opinion, no true facts.

    Sonic Generations is a game for Classic and Modren fans for every console except the Wii. (If your family has a Wii because they don't allow PS3, Xbox, or anything else that has games of destruction, I totally understand.) So lets talk about the game shall we?

    So Sonic and his friends are celebrating Sonic's birthday. Having a great time n' stuff until some evil dark cloud creature thingy comes and stucks all of Sonic's friends into different worlds. Sonic finds himself in a dimension with no color or time. He sets off the save his friends and ends up meeting his past self. They both team up to save their friends and find out who's behind this …

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