Amy Rose vs Inspector Carmelita Fox. Again these are my friends opinions. Melissa will be supoorting Carmelita while Lynn will be supporting Amy.

Amy Rose vs Inspector Carmelita Fox. Who's the best fighter?

Amy Rose

Amy Rose... what a cutie. Anyway, Amy sure can fight! That hammer of hers can probably pack a punch! In Sonic Heroes, she can use the Homing Attack just like Sonic. She can also run fast, but not as fast as Sonic. That hammer can really do some damage, i bet. (I wonder where she keeps it :P) When she's agressive, she will pumble down anyone who gets in her way. I bet she can kill up to 5000 robots in one day with that hammer and her angry side. Otherwise, if she were to fight Carmelita, Amy Rose would kick her sorry little butt. Have you seen the size of the hammer? ITS HUGE! I wouldn't want to mess with her if I where you. She fights for others and freedom, now thats what I'm talking about. Now at times, she can be alittle bit weak. Thats like 1/4 of the time. Otherwise, she can handle tough stuff by herself. And that is why I think Amy Rose is a better fighter than Carmelits Fox

Inspector Carmelita Fox

Carmelita is the all time best cop there ever is. The shock pistol helps her stun crinimals so she can beat them up and put them behind bars. She lacks in skills that Sly has, though, she can jump really high and kick real hard. She doesnt stop fighting until the villian is KO. Her shock pistol can really do some damage, it can pack a paralyzing punch. Her kicking is as painful as a paintball shot to your stomach. If an enemy is on a high plateform, she can use her mega jump to get on that plateform. ( I dont know how she does it!) If her and Amy got into a fight, Carmelita would win easily, without even trying. If she can be successful and taking out her enemies and putting them to jail, then she can beat Amy at her one game. And that is why I think Inspector Carmelits Fox is better at fighting then Amy Rose

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