Alright so I had nothing in mind for a blog until I thought of something good... sort of. These are my friends opinions and I'll give the names. Penny will be supporting Sonic while Abigal will be supporting Sly Cooper.

Sonic VS. Sly Cooper, Whos the better hero?

Its hero versus thief hero here! I think most of you know alot about Sonic more than Sly Cooper.(You got the wiki to look up Sonic's information!) But I might as well write down some of their information (Mostly Sly because some people dont know him well) and why both of them are great heroes, starting with Sonic The Hedgehog.

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Sonic the DJ Hedgehog

The world's fastest hedgehog! Sonic! He's been doing his job for 20 years already. Just running around the world and messing with Eggman's plans is what he does most of the time. What makes him a great hero is that he never gives up, even when he is living a do or die life, what can he say? This guy never stops what he's doing. He's a warrior, he fearless! Can't beat the unbreakable! If he and Sly had to both save there own worlds, Sonic would do a better job at it. Spin Dashin' can kill a robot in one hit. He can dodge alot of things since he's goin' so fast. Not fast enough? He got a boost the makes him run 2x as fast then before. He also has the ability to turn Super Sonic when he has all the 7 Chaos Emeralds, Making him stronger, bullet proof, and the ability to fly. Over all, Sonic would be the better hero than the thievius raccoonus Sly Cooper.

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Best Thief of all time, Sly Cooper

The all time best thief, Sly Cooper! I'm not sure if you guys know about him, but I'll give alittle information about him. This guy came from a family line of Master Thieves and they all had some type of cane. One of his ancestors created a book called the Thievius Raccoonus. Its full of thievius skills and abilities that only a Cooper can master. Its also has stories of his ancestors's adventures. When he was a child, he was suppost to read the book until a gang of villians called the Fiendish Five broke into his house, killed his father Conner Cooper, and got a hold of the book. They tore it into 5 sections, so they can comit evil crimes around the world. When he got older he defeated the Fiendish Five and reclaimed the Thievius Raccoonus. He has been learning from that book ever since.What makes him a great hero is that he puts an end to anything that might harm the world. Even though he's a thief, he is actually a good thief. He busts out villians so they can be arrested by Inspector Carmelita Fox (his love interest). Stealing is bad, but putting an end to evil is good. His only weapon is the Cooper cane. It can do almost everything. He can charge up his cane to an electrical shock or into a painfull strike. After reading the Thievius Raccoonus, he is able to climb pipes or ropes, run along ropes, pickpocket with his cane, doing the ninja spire jump (which means he can stand on a point, like the top of a pole), and lots more. And this is why I think Sly Cooper is a better hero than Sonic.

Now its up to you to decide. Post your comments!