I played it, I've finished it, and I give my opinion on it. Again, this is opinion, no true facts.

Sonic Generations is a game for Classic and Modren fans for every console except the Wii. (If your family has a Wii because they don't allow PS3, Xbox, or anything else that has games of destruction, I totally understand.) So lets talk about the game shall we?

The Story

So Sonic and his friends are celebrating Sonic's birthday. Having a great time n' stuff until some evil dark cloud creature thingy comes and stucks all of Sonic's friends into different worlds. Sonic finds himself in a dimension with no color or time. He sets off the save his friends and ends up meeting his past self. They both team up to save their friends and find out who's behind this problem. I'm sorry, but the story just... odd? I mean i felt like a 5 year old while listening to this. The dialouge is just childish. Sonic makes the worst jokes and cliche' puns. Tails is the science dude. I'm kinda glad Classic Sonic doesnt talk, cause if they got a voice actor for him I bet it would just sound terrible. Speaking of voice actors, Tails sounds fine, but Sonic just sounds odd. I miss the old voice actor, James Griffin. I'm just not used to the new guy, Roger Smith.


The game consist of two types of styles. For classic, you play it like the normal games of Sonic Genisis. For modren, you play it like if you were playing Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Colors. Personally, I like Classic better then Modren. Classic is more easy to control and he isnt running lighting speed. Can't have the boost or homing attack. If you want to go fast, you have to spin dash. You actually have to master the levels if you want to get a good Rank S. I never had this much fun playing as Classic Sonic. The Spin Dash can make you go really fast and sometimes it can lead to your death. Otherwise, I had fun. Modren is just a pain. Boost addict. Its like you use the boost as your primary manditor. Modren just runs way too fast. I actually had to wrestle with the controller just to make him turn. I thought I was gonna get Rank S all the way, oh keep on dreaming Ray-Ray. Keep on dreaming...


The graphics are outstanding. It looks live and real, making the other games look very boring. The PC and the PS3 graphics looked awesome. They really did stand out. I kepted dieing because of the colors blasting out when i was playing Modren Sonic, but i loved it. I don't know about the Xbox or Nintendo 3DS, but I'm pretty sure the graphics looked okay was well..


They have remixed every song of the stages in the game. Classic is based off the originals while Modren is mostly Rock and somewhat Techno. My dislikes are Planet Wisp Classic, Rooftop Run Classic, Chemical Planet Zone Modren, and Radical Highway Modren. My Most favorites are Green Hill Zone Classic and Modren, Chemical Planet Zone Classic, Speed Highway Classic and Modren, City Escapde Classic and Modren, Seaside Hill Classic and Modren, Crisis City Classic and Modren, Rooftop Rin Modren, Planet Wisp Modren, Water Palace Modren, Mushroom Hill Classic, and Radical Highway Classic.


Sonic Generations is the most awesome game SEGA has ever created. Even though the story and dialouge lacked in awesomeness, its still the best Sonic game I ever played. I'm glad they didnt put in collectors items like they did for Sonic Unleashed, that was annoying because I hate werehog form. Anyway, the game is fun for both Classic and Modren fans. SEGA has outdone themselves. Thanks for the awesome game dudes! Keep up the good work.

So what did you think about the game?

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