Health Bar Situtation

I've notice most games I've played have a health bar. My question is, why doesnt any of the Sonic games have a health bar? Well... some do like Sonic And The Secret Rings and Sonic Unleashed (in werehog form). Here are my opinions about this.

Opinion Time

So this is how I see in every Sonic game. The gold rings are basically his blood. He gathers up his gold blood, once he gets hit, he loses his gold blood. But he is able to get it back. Another hit, he looses his gold blood and eats it back up again. Makes sense right?


Atleast he should have a health bar instead of using gold rings as his health. That should be used for money. Like bolts in the Ratchet and Clank series, Coins from the Sly Cooper series, Star Bits in the Mario Galaxy series. And I guess he can use some sort of Energy Orbs so he can regain his health. Health bar, energy orbs for health, gold rings for money... It's perfect.

You agree or disagree?

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