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ALLLRIIGHTY THEN! I've been gone for awhile. I'm suprised things havent changed at all, still the same, thats good news for me :P Anyway, this blog is gonna be another VS. We have the awesome blue guy, Sonic, versing the boy with a pop gun, MegaMan.

Sonic The Hedgehog VS MegaMan

Uh.. Idk where to start, but the point is to see which could win in a fight. So... lets get to it shall we? I'll be supporting Sonic while my friend, Melissa, will be supporting MegaMan....She's not a Sonic fan at all :(

Sonic The Hedgehog

I dont think I have to explain the skills this guy has.. I mean, you guys out there are Sonic Fans and you should know this guy by heart.. Oh well. Any who ha! Since this guy is the fastest in thw world.. It should be easy to defeat a kid who is kinda slow. I mean, how can you defeat Sonic? (Throw a chilli dog past him and I bet you five bucks he is gonna run after it, then you have a chance to put the smack down on him.) He is the all time hero among heroes. He doesnt even have to use guns or weapons. His weapon is his speed and homing attacks... and the boost. Otherwise, MegaMan is gonna get the smack down by Sonic. Have you ever played as Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? He punches with great force! His fighting skills are excellent. One hit and the robot is dead for sure... unless it a gigantic robot. That doesnt matter though, He is a true fighter, the guy who never quits, the guy who attacks first and asks questions later. All time, best hero, and he can totally defeat MegaMan without even trying his hardest.


Heres one thing to notice, his name. Notice it says "Mega Man". ITS MEGA FREAKING AWESOME MAN!! I mean, this kid is the coolest dude I have ever seen. The Arm Cannon he's got is very powerful. He's the man... He's the man with the plan,.MEGA MAN!! The reason why he could defeat Sonic in a fight is because of his gun. Why? Well, if you play the games, after he defeats his enemies, he absorbs their power, and uses their power to use against other bosses as their weakness. Theres been about 18 games (im including the X series) and there's about 8 bosses per game. So he has about 144 different type of weapons he can choose from, and I think 1/4 of those weapons effect the speedy type, making them slower and have more damage. So with that so say, Sonic wouldnt have a chance against MegaMan at all. Ha.. (I just love saying that phrase alot), be all means, MegaMan is gonna put the smack down on Sonic for sure. MegaMan is the all time fighter. No blue hedgehog is gonna stop him, ever.

Who you think is better? Post your Comments!