WARNING: The following blog contains opinions. This does not mean that Im right and you're wrong. This is just what I think about the subject I'm typing about. Heres the difference between Fact and Opinion. Heres a Fact: Deathclaws are hard to kill. Here's an Opinion: Tribes Ascend is better than Call Of Duty. Enjoy reading.

Okay, heres another VS of the two awesome mechanics. Tails The Fox VS Bentley. I'll be supprting Tails while my friend Melissa supports Bentley.

Tails VS Bentley

Best Mechanics in the world!!


I just think Tails is awesome. He is the smartest animal I have ever seen. He made a plane called Tornado X. That can transform into a mecha... (I hope i got that right) I have never seen a plane do that. Tails can created any gadget that comes to his mind. When he wanted to understand what Yacker was saying in Sonic Colors, he made a translater so he could understand Yacker. Despite the glitches that fall open it, it still worked out pretty well. Tails is so far the best nerd there ever is. It's pretty tight that he can fly by using his two tails.. and I seriously wonder how he got two tails. The tails are pretty useful for helping both Tails and Sonic to get outa situations, like falling to their death. Sucks for Bentley, he can only fly in the air for 20 seconds, but Tails can fly alot longer. Tails is the all time best mechanic there is, making that turtle jealous.


This guy is the all time, best thief mechanic. I mean, he got bombs, sleeping darts, jetpacks, rocket booster, he got it all. He can pack atleast 20 gadgets into his wheelchair. With his smarts and skills at stealing, he can get Sly out of some situations by him following his directions. He can plan out any heist him and the gang come apon. His sleeping darts are great for taking out his enemies, when there asleep, he places a bomb and then BOOM! The jetpack attached to his wheelcahir can help him get to higher places, away from cops. He has hacking skills which are very useful to shut down security or try to get the enemy's information. Bentley is totally awesome, Tails wouldn't even stand a chance against this guy.

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