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Sonic Couples... Lovely. I think its kinda cute but most of the time its just... just very weird. Here are my opinions about some of the Sonic Couples i've seen and heard about.

Sonic and Amy

I find this very odd. I mean, Sonic just likes Amy as a friend, not... more than that. It's cute, but I disike it. Sometimes I think Amy is stalking Sonic half of the time. Like in Sonic The Hedgehog '06, Amy followed Sonic, and got herself lost in Eggman's base. For some reason, I just think they're not ment for each other. Sonic is not the romantic type while Amy is. Their relationship will be mostly running around the world n' stuff, but nothing romantic. I really got nothing to say about this couple. However, I think Sonic and Amy should just stay as friends instead of dating each other.

Sonic and Sally

Well this totally makes sense since they did date in the comic series. I find this couple a good match. They both love adventure and good fighters, so they make an excellent couple. I've never read the comics, but the looks from the pictures, it seems like Sonic goes for another girl, Sally gets depressed, then Sonic goes back to Sally, Sally is happy again, and the same thing happens again and again and again and again. Pattern. They're gonna notice that one day. I disliked the Mobius X years comic where Sonic and Sally are married and they have kids. I thought that kind of ruined the comic, but its more of a 74% chance that it didnt. The marriage and kids thing is something that would never happen. Evil is everywhere, Sonic has no time for that stuff.

Sonic and Blaze

I find this one very... very weird. Both of them are not the romantic type... And I think Blaze likes Silver more than she likes Sonic. I'm pretty sure Sonic doesnt want to put up with a chick that's serious all the time. Blaze takes things seriously, which at times (for me) can get annoying. I dont think she can relax for once. Since when has Blaze ever relaxed and had fun? It's kind of rare. Sonic, the laid back guy, dating Blaze, the serious chick... Doesnt work out.

Sonic and Cream

Okay... Can someone explain this to me?? Why do we have a 18 year old dating an 8 year old. Who ever thought of this must be 17year old with a 13 year old boyfriend or girlfriend. Even if you make Cream alot older, Its still weird. This is one of the Sonic Couples that is extermely akward... I can't even explain how odd this is. Now if she was the same age as Sonic, it would make more sense. I dislike this couple completely.

Sonic and Elise

Alright now its just getting werider. Okay first off, Elise is a human, Sonic is a hedgehog. It will never work out between the two! Sometimes I think Elise has some serious problems for falling in love with Sonic, and would need serious help. I found it cute at first, but then it started to creep me out. Well they dont know each other anymore, so maybe she already found someone else.

Sonic and Carmelita

(This was very rare to find) I was looking through pictures on Google. I can across this picture of Sonic and Carmelita... dating. I got 4 things to say. Point 4 will be talking about how the heck he got to Sly's World.

1. I bet someone loved the characters soo much that they thought of drawing Sonic and Carmelita together

2. Sly will be ticked off, They will sure to be a fight

3. Sonic and Carmelita dating is just the same modren day dating. Tall chick with a short dude. Yeah, I see it everyday. (Cause the short guys like me for some odd reason T_T)

4. Before Sonic gets to Sly's world, You remember the ending of Sly 3, He finally got with Carmelita by faking his memory loss. Well she spotted him stealing and she was heartbroken to find that he faked his memory loss. I doubt she'll forgive him, but thats a maybe.So heres my guess, Sonic was fighting Eggman so he can stop him from doing whatever bad. After the defeat, Eggman set up a trap, causing Sonic to be teleported to a different world. Sonic finds himself in Paris, France. After running about arong the city, he sees Carmelita getting into a fight with a bunch of crinimals. She could take them out by herself, but Sonic insisted to help her out. So later on they became friends. For about a few months, they started dating.

Sonic and Rouge

I totally respect the fact that this is not possible. I think Rouge likes bad boys. Sonic can try to be one of them, and will fail many times. Sonic and Rouge dont seem like a nice couple, because the fact the she flirts with anyone. I also think Rogue loves guys with muscles with Sonic lacks in... well most of the guy characters lack in muscles, all of them are sticks. So, I can never see that happening.

Whats Your Opinion on the couples?

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