The Metarex where starting to transform in the final form.

"I'm so nervous I cant even look" Cream said, nervously.

"I feel helpless" Cosmo said.

Suddenly, the gem on her started glowing.

"Cosmo," Hertia (Earthia) said, "This is the moment we've been waiting for. You can help save the galaxy and our clan if you only believe in yourself,"

"This is why I was sent here," Cosmo said.

"Are you OK?" Cream asked.

"I understand now! There can be peace in the galaxy, and I have the power to make it happen, Cream" Cosmo replied.

"What do you mean?" Cream asked.

Suddenly, Cosmo started to float into the sky.

"Where are you going?" Cream asked.

Then, the gem broke.

Cosmo started to transform.

Her butt started to grow, breasts appeared, her rose buds on her head started to bloom.

"No come back!" Cream cried out, as she ran in the Blue Typhoon.

"What's wrong?" Tails asked.

"Cosmo's out there, to help stop Dark Oak!" Cream replied.

She finally finished her transformation.

"Huh?" Sonic wondered. "Why are you here?"

"Mother, I finally feel happy now because I really know my purpose is" Cosmo thought to herself.

Sonic and Shadow were surprised to see that Cosmo can only pass through the "field".

"My friends mean more to me than anything. That's why I give up everything to save them," Cosmo said to herself.

"Whoa" Sonic said.

"Aaahhh" Everyone on the Blue Typhoon said.

"What's she doing?" Tails asked.

"Cosmo, you can transform and pass through gravity fields. In your new form, you will be like me. Your destiny will be fulfilled. You have the power to stop Dark Oak, and bring new life to our clan," Hertia said.

"Huh?" Tails asked.

"It's alright, I have Dark Oak immobilized. Now you you be able to destroy the Metarex and save the galaxy. Don't worry about me, just fire the power canon now!" Cosmo explained.

"What if we fired the canon? What will happen to you?" Chris asked.

"If she says not to worry, I have to trust her," Tails said.

Tails set up the Power Canon to fire at Cosmo.

He held on the "gun shooter" and did nothing.

"Tails! We must act immediately! Prepare to fire the power canon at my command!" Dr. Eggman yelped.

"Hmph" Sonic grumped. He flew to the power canon.

"Lock canon into place and take aim!" Dr. Eggman ordered.

Amy and Cream hugged each other.

"Get ready, Sonic!" Dr. Eggman ordered, again!

"Wha?" Sonic said, as he saw something come into the Power Canon.

That's not a something! That was Shadow!

"Sonic and Shadow are attacking together..." Bocoe said... "Which means that the blast will be twice as powerful!" Decoe finished.

"There goes" Chris said.

Knuckles closed his eyes.

"Sonic Power Canon! FIRE!" Dr. Eggman ordered.

Tails started to grunt and opened the lid on the "gun shooter".

"ROGER!' Tails replied.

Tails paused for 5 seconds.

"Tails, I know this is difficult, but the galaxy is in danger and time is running out! You must fire now!" Dr. Eggman ordered.

"But I can't.." Tails responded. "What about Cosmo?"

"She knows what she's doing. Cosmo is carrying out her destiny. She was meant to save the galaxy, and we have to help her," Dr. Eggman explained.

"Huh?" Tails looked up.

"But, your my friend, Cosmo. I'm sorry! I just can't do it!" Tails said.

"Trust me Tails, you have to fire! It's the only way to save all of us,"

"Huh!" Tails looked up again.

"I trust you, but you mean a lot to me. I don't want to lose you, Cosmo," Tails cried out.

"You won't Tails. You'll defeat the Metarex and spreed the seeds of my clan through the galaxy!" Cosmo said.

"I believe you, Cosmo. Your friendship has meant a lot to me. I wish we could spend more time together, but I understand this is your only hope to save the galaxy and bring your clan back. I'm sure your seeds will find a place to grow and build a new home. Good luck Cosmo... and goodbye" Tails finished.

He pressed the button to fire the canon.

As the blast was coming, Cosmo said, "This isn't the end, Tails!" She moved out of the way, while transforming back to her 8-self.

After the blast came out of the "hole thingy", the Power Canon collapsed.

The blast made its way before Cosmo got hit.

"I will survive... forever," she said to herself.

Then, the planet bursted into pieces, and Cosmo went away, so she wont ruin the suprize.


Tails was in his workshop, sobbing.

"Why did this end in disaster?" Tails cried. "Why did you sacrifice yourself, Cosmo...."

Sonic stood by Tail's window.

Tails, he said to himself.