• AmyRose14

    Sonic High episodes

    May 29, 2011 by AmyRose14

    Ok, I see that everyone likes my idea of Sonic High.

    So far, I have only the intro for season one, and episode 8. I need to know everyone's opinion in order to see how I should make episodes 1-10. REMEMBER, this is only the first season!!

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  • AmyRose14

    Sonic High

    May 12, 2011 by AmyRose14

    Okay, apparently, a few people wanted some High School stories, so I decided to do this: create a quick plot for you to enjoy...

    Summary: 57 characters (fanon and real) come together to form the perfect comedy. See drama, romance, betrayal, dark sides, fighting, and all that you want!! (Just comment!!)

    Here are my current characters: (bold means, I need permission but they be pretty epic in the story)

    1. Sonic
    2. Tails
    3. Knuckles
    4. Amy
    5. Shadow
    6. Rouge
    7. Omega
    8. Silver
    9. Blaze
    10. Diana
    11. Missy (Bunnyboo50)
    12. Shelly (Sonicrox14)
    13. Megan (Bunnyboo50)
    14. Princess Alice (Bunnyboo50)
    15. Candy (Bunnyboo50)
    16. Jake (JaketheHedgehog)
    17. Fly (Fly the Fox)
    18. Francisco & Bullet (Bullet Francisco)
    19. Summer Hedgehog (Bunnyboo50)
    20. Honey (Bunnyboo50)
    21. Honda (Bunnyboo50)
    22. Michelle (Bunnyboo50)
    23. Cane (Bunnyboo50)
    24. Diamond (Bunnybo…
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  • AmyRose14

    Attention everyone working on this game

    Okay, here's the deal. Due to the fact that the workload has been too much to handle, we have, unfortunately, decided to have 5 characters stay behind for the second part of this game. Apparently, we have a total of 29 appearing characters HEY! THAT WAS 1 AWAY FROM THE MAXIMUM!!!! OMG! Anyway, we will subtract 5 others. Diana has been moved to a cameo, but is only there for two scenes. She doesn't count, Namesiw makes only one cameo, so he doesn't count. And here are our fan characters as follows:

    Amy Rose14: Miranda Raccoon, Marisol Raccoon, Mirage Raccoon, Diana Fox

    Bunnyboo50: Candy the Rabbit, Honey the Cat, Missy the Raccoon

    JaketheHedgehog: Jake the Hedgehog

    Katrins: Mikee

    FlytheFox: Fly, Kyle

    Bullet …

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  • AmyRose14

    Sonic Chronicles 2:

    March 19, 2011 by AmyRose14

    Hi! It's AmyRose14, AKA Superstar101rose (on Youtube), and I have a very awesome idea! On Youtube, I have decided to create a sequel to Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, with my own story: Sonic Chronicles 2: The Travel Tales. I already have ten characters for the game, but I need 20 more. I would like 3 per user, however, that would equal 18, so I can just make the last 2.

    I will have auditions starting April 1st, and I would like you to subscribe to my channel on Youtube, which is Superstar101rose. PLEASE Help! I'll give you the details after you join in. It'll be a blast!!! Better than the first!

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  • AmyRose14

    Silvaze Discussion

    February 17, 2011 by AmyRose14

    Okay, yet another discussion up since everyone talked on the last one:


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