Okay, yesterday, everyone kept telling me about all of these couples, so I've decided to write all of the pairings I heard from everyone. Some make sense, some don't. Tell me what you think! Plus, to the side, my opinion.

Sonamy- I love it!

Sontails- Okay, ew, but brotherly

Sonknuckles- EWW EWW EWW!

Sonadow-too much to handle. Possible in the future, but Sega better not do that and be idiots!

Sonaze-Ain't so bad. In fact I really like it!

Sonuge- Okay, wierd, but it's not terrible.

Sonream- too much of an age difference

Sonrine- Sonic and


Sonet- Jet and

Soneggman- I read someone's fanfiction about Sonic killing Eggman... by that. EW

Taimy- Perfect

Knuxamy- wierd

Shadamy-ok, unless the story says know r---- her. Like they usually do.

Blamy- I don't mind it, but Amy and Blaze don't look too good together.

Silvamy- hey, they said that Silver was made from Shadow and Amy, so call him a mother------

Creamy- I actually love this one, despite how it is for most people.

Jetamy- oh my god. Everyone says Jet likes Amy. Everyone I know, at least.

Tailream- perfect

Tailrine- kinda cute

Knuxaze- ok.

Shadaze- pretty good

Shadouge- I love it

Sonsal- okay

EspioXLiza (okay she is that pink chameleon in the comics, whom I call "Esposito".) I love with all of my heart.

Anyothers, you can discuss freely. Plus, if you go to sonicfanon.wikia, the you can see Comonica Hedgehog! I made her!