Attention everyone working on this game

Okay, here's the deal. Due to the fact that the workload has been too much to handle, we have, unfortunately, decided to have 5 characters stay behind for the second part of this game. Apparently, we have a total of 29 appearing characters HEY! THAT WAS 1 AWAY FROM THE MAXIMUM!!!! OMG! Anyway, we will subtract 5 others. Diana has been moved to a cameo, but is only there for two scenes. She doesn't count, Namesiw makes only one cameo, so he doesn't count. And here are our fan characters as follows:

Amy Rose14: Miranda Raccoon, Marisol Raccoon, Mirage Raccoon, Diana Fox

Bunnyboo50: Candy the Rabbit, Honey the Cat, Missy the Raccoon

JaketheHedgehog: Jake the Hedgehog

Katrins: Mikee

FlytheFox: Fly, Kyle

Bullet Francisco: Francisco

DarkFuture: Alter

CesarTeamHyro: Cesar

SalaComMander: Namesiw


I WILL GIVE YOU 15 hours to think about it. I'll be back at 5:00PM CST. If no one has made a recommendation, then we will make a poll. All Fan characters AND real characters will be on there. I will give you untill April 30th to make your decision. If we have a tie for 5th, then we will have another poll. If you miss the boat here, that's it. Sorry. You can vote off whoever you want. Don't say'll probably hurt too much. This cannot be avoided. If no one votes, then I will use this game called person picker....This will narrow it down to five...easily....

PS DUE TO THE FACT THAT I CANNOT CREATE A POLL, We will do this... we will to the type A for XXXXXX Like that!!!

Here's the poll. Here's where you will vote off the character. It can be fannon or real. I could vote, but....I don't know..

Okay, this was moved a little, so I'm sure a few of you didn't mean what you voted for...

A - Sonic

B - Tails

C - Knuckles

D - Amy

E - Shadow

F - Shade

G - Silver

H - Blaze

I - Cream

J - Rouge

K - Omega

L - Marine

M - Ray

N - Honey

O - Mirage

P - Marisol

Q - Missy

R - Alter

S - Lily

T - Kyle

U - Cesar