Hey Guys! :D

I been on this wiki for 1 year!

I can remeber the first day I join... Like if it was yesterday! :D

I knew about this wiki for about 3 months before joining it. I used it for pictures of Sonic characters so I could draw them. But I did not even think of joining this wiki.

So about 3 months later I thought I'd join just to upload my fan art of Sonic the Hedgehog characters I drew. So I did. Than I started editing the wiki like 4 days after I joined. And I made some friends like Jake and Fly (I can't remeber who I met first). Than like a week later I joined The Pokemon Wiki because I love Pokemon!!! Always later I made friends with Dark Future. Lol! Too tell you the truth... I was scared to ask Dark Future if he wanted to be my friend... Maybe... Because his name was "Dark Future". Kinda Dark? lol! I can't remeber.... But than I met him on my blog on here. O.k... Why was I not scared to ask him anymore? You're not going to believe it... Because he liked Japanese like me! lol! Than I was like "I have to ask him if he wants to be friends!!!". Than I read his profile the next day and was like... "HE LIKES POOOOOOOOKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". lol! My favorite game series... lol! Than I started doing SNN more than The Pokemon Wiki. And than later that month I made my Wiki because I loved wikis!

I've had I a lot of fun doing wikis and this wiki. And I've made a lot of good friends like Syber, Katrins, Dark Future and many more! :D