Sega's "good friends" at Nintendo have announced last year that the fourth installment of the Super Smash Bros. series will be released on to the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The first steps of development have already taken place, according to lead developer Masahiro Sakurai.

Now my fellow Sonic and Nintendo lovers, I am hear to discuss something - will Sonic the Hedgehog return as a veteran or was his appearance in Brawl a one time thing? While most people think the latter, I am here to argue that Sonic will return, but without additional Sonic characters. Why would I say such good yet also disappointing things? Well, her is some information released this August:

"In August 2012, Sakurai stated that while the addition of third-party characters appealed to fans and broadened the Smash Bros. audience, he recognized the need to narrow down their inclusion since introducing non-Nintendo characters "willy-nilly" would lose focus of the game. He also noted that the game system had been completed. Feeling that the series had found its target audience and introducing gimmicks would hinder rather than help the brand, Sakurai explained that he was thinking of ways to introduce a new, different experience, while retaining the frantic gameplay from previous installments." - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Allow me to narrow down on the important info. He said third-party characters are "appealing", but he wants to "narrow down" on their inclusion. What does this mean? Well it would suggest that the characters - Sonic and Solid Snake - should return, but their input on the game will not be inforced strongly. The last part is a little disappointing, as it means no additional Sonic characters will be added, but at least Sonic himself is likely to return. So, yay :)