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  • Bionicleboy3000

    Hello, everyone. Today, I am going to give my observations on my all-time favorite fictional villain: Everyone's favorite robot doppelganger, Metal Sonic.

    First, a bit of history, for those of you who might not know who he is. Though, this being the Sonic News Network, that's not likely to be a problem... I'll say it all anyway.

    Metal Sonic is a character introduced to the Sonic the Hedgehog universe in 1993 by way of a classic Sega CD video game called Sonic CD. This game is considered by many to be the best Sonic the Hedgehog game ever made, with others give that crown to other titles made in that same era of Sonic the Hedgehog history, namely Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles), Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and for some, even the very first Sonic the Hedgehog…

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  • Bionicleboy3000

    Alright! Let's play Sonic Classic Heroes! The Sonic 2 half, at least.

    It's a long watch. Better get a snack.

    Here's the Sonic 1 half of the game!

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  • Bionicleboy3000

    This is a question that has been bugging me for weeks since I earned all the achievements of Sonic CD (both Steam and Xbox LIVE Arcade releases), and I am trying to figure out just how she got there.

    Amy Rose.

    First sighted at Palmtree Panic - Present Day.

    Other sightings are Collision Chaos - Present Day, Stardust Speedway - Future, and Metallic Madness - Future.

    Motivation: To meet Sonic the Hedgehog and become his girlfriend.

    Mode of Transportation: Unknown at this point, is the reason this blog exists.

    Little Planet.

    Known Location - Floating above Never Lake once a year. Was once chained there by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Freed and restored to it's former glory by Sonic the Hedgehog.

    How did Amy get to the Little Planet to begin with? Was sh…

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  • Bionicleboy3000

    Hi! It's me, Akamia, also known as Jezz, Bionicleboy3000, or whatever you prefer. I'm just letting you all know that I am going to be playing Sonic Robo Blast 2 online. I was hoping to invite some of you to my Co-Op games, or even other gametypes. I fixed my connection to the Master Server, and I can now set up games if anyone wants to play.

    You can get the version I use at ModDB. Just go into Games and search Sonic Robo Blast 2.

    Tell me if you want to play, and I'll set up a game!

    -- Akamia

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  • Bionicleboy3000

    Hi! I want to have a few online SSBB games with some members of the SNN community.

    My mains are

    1. Solid Snake (His versatility just blows my mind. I find myself playing as him more often now. Really good in free-for-all and 1v1 matches, but not so good at team games, as most of his explosives hurt him (when he's in the blast) or even his teammate, regardless of friendly fire options)
    2. Meta Knight (I main'd him when I played Tourney on May 12th and got 9 KOs, which is more than I could ever do with Sonic)
    3. Sonic (My old #1. For some reason, he's just not cutting it anymore...)
    4. R.O.B. (I like robots)

    My FC is 1463-3446-0452. I share with my little brother as "BROS."

    Anybody interested in a game?

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