Hi! It's me, Akamia. Today, I'd like to go over what I had in mind when I created well-known fan character Jezz the Hedgehog.

It started like this...

One day, I was sitting down on a chair of mine feeling alone and bored. I went to the computer and started writing the fanfic Sonic Alliance. When I got to chapter 2, I realized that someone had to master the realm that Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles were placed in. I created Jezz, with the name coming from a nickname I had in real life. Still feeling alone, I had the character fall in love with another well-known fan character Shelly the Hedgehog (owned by Sonicrox14). Also, my life lacked much adventure, so I made Jezz adventurous. All the rest is my own personality and what I wish I could have been (actually ALL of it is what I wish I could have been). Thanks for reading.--Akamia