This is a book of Jezz's life and experiences, from the end of Sonic Alliance onward.

Day 1

I was learning how to fly from Super Sonic.

Sonic: Come on! You can do it!
Jezz: *crashing almost every try, spits out dirt* I believe you, but it could take awhile.

And it did...

(several hours later)
Jezz: *doing loop-de-loops in the air* Success!
Sonic: Perfect! Now let's try something harder. Race you to Mystic Ruin?
Jezz: ... Very well. It will keep me in practice, at least.

We headed over there at top speed... at least I think it was top speed. But that is unrelated to what happened next. We trained in advanced maneuvers with Knuckles sitting down watching... appearing slightly annoyed, but he let us by. After that, Sonic went home, and I set up camp in the place my old home used to be. My adventures had just begun.

Day 2

Coming Soon...