I am currently working on a Jezz the Hedgehog sprite sheet! I'm making them to give to Sonicrox and her game, but I decided I'd use them for a sprite comic, too!

Yes, they are recolored Sonic Advance Sonic sprites, but I'm not good at making my own sprites, anyway (I'm a terrible Sonic artist, period, lol).

There will be two comics: Jezz's Diary (I'm gonna re-make the first entry into a comic, and every entry after that will be a comic), and Jezz of Time: The Expanded Universe, which takes the events of the games (including spinoffs) and tells what happened with other characters during certain events.

Also, I've started playing Halo games. I like the story they tell, and I have a fandom going on at another site. Keeping loyal to Sonic, I have merged the two universes together: Halo, taking place in the 26th century (my fandom is taking place in the 27th), takes place centuries after even Silver's existance. Shadow the Hedgehog and the Chaos Emeralds had disappeared years before the first Covenant attack, and whatever is left of Sonic's family-line is missing. In the 27th century, over 100 years after Master Chief went missing in Halo 3, a lawkeeper Mark V Spartan named Jezzroy (in no way connected to Jezz the Hedgehog, but that fandom applies some elements into this one) is doing his job on the human colony of Arcadia (first appears in Halo Wars) when some aliens attack. The aliens are Black ARM, the remnants that were not on the Black Comet when it was destroyed. With Black Doom gone, no one knows who is leading them in his place yet. Spartan 179 - Jezzroy has to band with his friends and allies to find Shadow and the Emeralds, as well as whatever may be left of Sonic's bloodline.

Before you Halo fans say "But Master Chief was the last Spartan!" and "Spartans have no emotions!", I'd just like to point out that (non-canonically) the UNSC started their SPARTAN program again, and Jezzroy had resisted the special chip that was supposed to take his emotion away.

Peace out!--Akamia(Talk)(Want to see what I've been doing?) 01:05, July 22, 2010 (UTC)