Hi! I want to have a few online SSBB games with some members of the SNN community.

My mains are

  1. Solid Snake (His versatility just blows my mind. I find myself playing as him more often now. Really good in free-for-all and 1v1 matches, but not so good at team games, as most of his explosives hurt him (when he's in the blast) or even his teammate, regardless of friendly fire options)
  2. Meta Knight (I main'd him when I played Tourney on May 12th and got 9 KOs, which is more than I could ever do with Sonic)
  3. Sonic (My old #1. For some reason, he's just not cutting it anymore...)
  4. R.O.B. (I like robots)

My FC is 1463-3446-0452. I share with my little brother as "BROS."

Anybody interested in a game?