A poem by Jezzroy "Akamia" (classified). Written on the 31st of March 2011.

When the darkness of deception takes hold
"The truth can set you free" I'm told
But if the hold is too strong
One might possibly steer for the wrong

In the courts, the lawful fort
An attorney's mind is a supply port
Receiving information for the case
But lies and deception are quite becoming
Of the criminal, ever-knowing
Of the wrong they have done, and the will to hide, strong

It takes that of the passionate
The officers of law who cannot tolerate
The deceit and deception of the evil-doing

It can only go so far
But when logic is up to par
The truth will set you free

So remember this, for all of humanity
The whole reason for our insanity
Is our ignorance for knowledge
And our avoidance of the good justice

In any case, just one last thing
That if you reach the courts that ring
For justice and lawfulness
And you feel shrouded in the darkness
The truth is the key.