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    Let Me Explain

    August 13, 2013 by BlazeChance1

    Yo. Nothing else. Go get food.

    Hello people of the SNN and this is BC1, well, Cake is a lie using his brother's account to be more exact. I'm here to give an update. Basically, I'm just trying tell you why I'm here at this time, what's going on between Nightshade/Ry (the BC1 of SNN) and Chance (the BC1 from YouTube and mostly everywhere else you see that name), and what's going to happen to this account. But before that, let me fill you in who I am. So, the one who's typing this is Cake is a lie, Jayden, and I'm Ry's brother. Ry and I used to post here and be apart of this community. Unfortunately, he caused drama and I eventually fell into that hole. Luckily, it was once, but you get the point. So after saying "I'm gonna quit!", he did it.…

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    Hey guys! Guess what? Actually, you can already see the title. >_< Well, moving on. Sonic Matrix, my anime show, is asking for voice actors. In order to do this, you need to complete a fourm. You will need to print it and take a picture of it. After that, I will contact you via email.

    Here is the forum. Good Luck!

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    Sonic Anime Series

    February 2, 2012 by BlazeChance1

    Hello People of YouTube, Twitter, SNN, Facebook, etc.! I'd like to make an anouncement for a new Sonic anime. Made by Me. I'll give more info once I get people to help. You can pitch in if you want. I want this to be like Sonic X. Well, the drawings. This has been BlazeChance1 of YouTube, Twitter, and SNN. I wish you a good night.

    • BlazeChance1 (creator and director)
    • SandraThePorcupine (writer)
    • Mewkat14 (jokes)
    • SonicTheHedgehogDude (art design)

    • BlazeChance1 (Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog)

    The series' name is officially named Sonic Matrix. Also, we are hiring a drawer. Well, we're not actually "hiring" but you know what I mean.

    Sonic Matrix has officially gotten a logo done by the newest chat mod, SonicTheHedgehogDude! Also, SonicTheHe…

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  • BlazeChance1
    1. Well, Sonic would be better having some new genres. But some old fasioned kicking Robotnik's butt would be great, but then again, we get that everyday.
    2. Bring back the other characters. Make them playable too. When Generations was coming out, we were told that we would play as the characters we recused but SEGA trolled us again.
    3. Make the seriousness return. In other words, I would like how the characters got serious. Yes, the humor is still good but when they aren't funny, make them serious.

    The Sonic games have gotten worst. The 3D sonic games were on a bumpy road since Heroes. This may be because of Yuji Naka leaving Sonic Team in 2004. They also got less interesting. I've gotten tired of the new sonic games. Generations was great though. Sa…

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    The votes are in!

    January 1, 2012 by BlazeChance1

    Ok guys. I counted all the votes from my Leaving blog. So, I'm going to list the results here.

    Yes: 1

    No: 27

    I'll miss you if you do: 6

    I don't care: 6

    Really, you want to leave on Christmas? It's going to make you sad.: 4

    I'm not going to give up Sonic and I will stay here! :D

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