Anthony the Hedgehog

Anthony the Hedgehog.

Part 1

Sonic and Amy got married. They moved to a new house and Tails moved into Sonic's house with his wife, Cream. Sonic and Amy later paided the bills and moved their things upstairs. Eggman appeared and said he is no longer evil. Amy believed him, Eggman shoot her with a ray that would turn her evil. The ray backfired and instead turned Amy into a much more beautiful woman. Sonic was worried that Amy was hurt, he looked at Amy and was amazed by Amy's beauty. Eggman ran away. Sonic and Amy went to the store to buy some things. After coming home, Knuckles appeared and told Sonic that he and Rouge got married. Sonic wasn't amazed. 2 months later, Amy became pregant. Sonic was hoping that the baby can be like him. Amy wanted the baby to be a girl. 6 months later, The baby was born. Sonic wanted the baby to be called Anthony. Amy agreed and named him "Anthony". Anthony started to smile. He was very patient and was like Sonic. 2 years later, Amy became pregant again. His sister, Kristina, was born. Later, Anthony met new friends. 10 years later, Sonic taught him how to drive. 4 years later, new threaths came up. Sonic had taught Anthony how to fight. Anthony was ready to fight villians that popped up.

Part 2

Sonic's family wiped out the bad guys that are were destroying the world are gone. But, one survived. His name is "Kalahada". He used the Choas Emeralds, he caused they to speard around outer space and died from their power. News went all over the world and Sonic saw it. Sonic and his family are the only ones that can go through space. Everyone helps Sonic and his family pack up to go to space. They go through space, fight monsters, and find the Choas Emeralds.

Part 3

Sonic and his family save the world, but, Nazo gets revived from the Choas Emeralds. He tries to blow up Sonic's house but Anthony stops him. Nazo tries to kill Anthony but Sonic stops him. Nazo escapes and Sonic warns his family.

Nazo blows up 20 cities. Nazo says that if Sonic doesn't try to stop him, he'll blow up the world. Sonic tries to stop him but Anthony goes instead. Anthony gets beat up that he was lucky enough to make it out alive. Everyone watches his destruction to Earth, Sonic tries to go Hyper again but it fails.

Anthony somehow turns Super 2. Sonic gets so shocked that the rest of the family can asend but him. Sonic goes to Knuckles and askes him how he can turn Hyper again. Knuckles says that he can use the Master Emerald like how he did against Clear Blue Sonic.

Nazo and Sonic duke it out for the final time, but, Nazo is 100x stronger than before and he was holding his power back. Out of nowhere, Sonic's Family come to help Sonic. Sonic's family defeats Nazo and all is well.

Sonic meets Mario

Sonic and his family are going on vacation but, Mario appears and tells them about what happened to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario requests that Sonic and friends can help the Mushroom Kingdom. Sonic and friends get ready to leave.