1. Well, Sonic would be better having some new genres. But some old fasioned kicking Robotnik's butt would be great, but then again, we get that everyday.
  2. Bring back the other characters. Make them playable too. When Generations was coming out, we were told that we would play as the characters we recused but SEGA trolled us again.
  3. Make the seriousness return. In other words, I would like how the characters got serious. Yes, the humor is still good but when they aren't funny, make them serious.


The Sonic games have gotten worst. The 3D sonic games were on a bumpy road since Heroes. This may be because of Yuji Naka leaving Sonic Team in 2004. They also got less interesting. I've gotten tired of the new sonic games. Generations was great though. Same with Colors. Unleashed had it's problems. (No, not the Werehog.) Well, three 3d sonic games in the modern era were truly called awesome? Wow SEGA, you've been lazy. Now wake up!!!! It's 3PM!!!! GET BACK TO WORK!!!!! Oh, sorry, I hope the new era fixes Sonic's 3D games. Oh yeah, the 2D games? They're perfect! Well, not all of them. (I'm looking at you Sonic 4: Episode 1.)