Hello guys, I'm very sorry but I'm leaving the Sonic News Network. But, this will happen on New Years Day. I'll be here until then.


People in my school are telling me to stop bossing them around. I noticed today that they were right. I deided to change in 2012. In includes, being laid-back and getting badish grades. (I'm pretty dang sure badish isn't a word.) But, they also want me to stop talking about Sonic. (Even though they never tell a Shadow fangirl in class to stop talking about Shadow.) I've also noticed that I'm annoying all of my friends with Sonic. If I give up Sonic for good, not only will my family and friends will like me, but I won't have stress. (I know it sounds like, Sonic is giving me stress but I just can't stand people making fun of me and telling me that Sonic is too childish). I'm sorry if you find this stupid but I can't remember to much of what I said before...... at school.

Like I said, I'll stay here until New Years.

Update 12/21/11

You guys get to decide if I leave.

Should I give up Sonic and leave the Sonic News Network?

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Update 12/30/11

Hey guys, on New Years, I'll tell you if I'm going to leave or not.