Yo. Nothing else. Go get food.

Hello people of the SNN and this is BC1, well, Cake is a lie using his brother's account to be more exact. I'm here to give an update. Basically, I'm just trying tell you why I'm here at this time, what's going on between Nightshade/Ry (the BC1 of SNN) and Chance (the BC1 from YouTube and mostly everywhere else you see that name), and what's going to happen to this account. But before that, let me fill you in who I am. So, the one who's typing this is Cake is a lie, Jayden, and I'm Ry's brother. Ry and I used to post here and be apart of this community. Unfortunately, he caused drama and I eventually fell into that hole. Luckily, it was once, but you get the point. So after saying "I'm gonna quit!", he did it. Woo. After that, I threw in the towel as well and I left for months to come. And now I'm here again. Okay. GOOD. GO HOME. JUST GO HOM-.

So, I'm here right now to basically see this place and if my friends are still here. They are. Yeah whatever, wasn't planning to talk to them, just see them.

Well, anyway. After Ry and I left this place, we moved to a new home, so Chance was no longer our neighbor. Ry just happened to get in touch with him on Skype and he basically just continued being friends with him. Chance isn't associated with this place in the slightest now and Ry has grown to dislike this place because of exposure to the further parts of the internet (reddit and other sites). Ry doesn't plan to come back and he said that he should just let me mess around with his account (forgetting that I have respect for him). That led to this. So yeah, Chance and Ry are still friends.

What's going to happen to Ry's account? I don't know, I guess it will stay in limbo for a long while. 

So yes, update. I'mma go sleep. See you guys later.