Sonic: Hello Everyone I'm Sonic the Hedgehog and today is January 7th 2010 and today we are going to announce the 1st Sonic Game Show I going to flip it over to Tails on stage

Tails: Thanks Sonic today we have to play with us  Amy and Cream

Amy: Hi everyone

Cream: Hi Mommy

Tails: Team 2 is Vector and Charmy

  • Charmy puts face up in camera

Vector: Get your BIG FAT HEAD out of the camera

Tails: There a Great couple next is Silver and Blaze

Silver: Hey

Blaze: Hi everyone

  • Silver and Blaze kiss*

Tails: Let's start with NAME THE SONG We are going to remix some songs 1st to buzz in gets 10 points Knucx hit it

  • Wikky wikki wikk La Wik New* DING

Tails: Yes Team 1


Tails:Time next

  • Scratch Scratch Ocean Breath* DING

Tails: Team 3

Blaze:A New Venture

Tails:Correct 10 points and the lead Knux scratch it

  • Wikki Wikki Wikki Funk it* DING

Tails: Team 2

Charmy:Funk it

Tails:No comment keep goin

  • Wik Dino* DING

Tails: Team 1

Amy:The Wicked Wild

Tails: CorrectKnux one more time *DING DING DING DING DING* Uh... Yes

Charmy:Regis Philbin

Tails: Scratch it

  • Wikki Wikki Wham Pow Works wikki Wham Live and Wikki* DING

Silver:Live and Learn

Tails:Correct the standing are Silver and Blaze with 20 points Amy and Cream with 10 points and Vector and Charmy nothing

We Will Be Right Back...

Sonic: We are back the next event is FINISH THE LYRIC I will play a song and stop it and you have to finish the lyric OK guys go! Simple Curiosity tryin to ..........DING

Sonic:Team 1

Amy:Trying to take a bite a bite of me

Sonic: Next song In no way- ..DING

Team 3

Blaze:Any other still we do

Sonic: Correct next One step forward

...................................No one Standing are Team 3 30 points Team 1 20 points and Team 2 0 points

We Will Be Right Back...

Knuckles: Hey dudes it's time to play FILL THE CANNON fill the cannon with the following items A piece of fried chicken A Figure of Yours Truly Knuckles A CD of Sonic Songs Ready guys GO!

Silver:Come on Honey in the kitchen

Blaze: OK just a quick question why is Eggman heading for the kitchen

Silver:There foo--

Blaze: Silver put him down it was just a joke

Cream: I found the CD

Plants start open and closing his mouth*

Amy help

  • Amy runs over*

Amy: I got the Knuckles figure and the fried chicken

Cream:I Can't open it

Amy:We need to think

  • Amy and Cream sit down*

Vector: I got the Figurine Charmy did you find the chicken


  • opens mouth*

Vector: GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  • Explosion*

  • Plants die*

Cream: Amy get the CD

  • Picks up CD*

  • Puts in cannon*

  • Cannon explodes along with confetti*

Knuckles: 50 points Team 1 WINS!!!

  • Amy and Cream jump around happily and laugh*

Sonic Tails and Knuckles: See ya next Week


Sonic: Hello everyone today is January 14th it's a Thursday so that means a brand new game show I send you down to Tails with the Teams

Tails: Hey guys are you ready to start

  • Crowd Roars with excitement

Tails: good our teams are our reigning champs Amy and Cream!

  • Crowd Roars as Amy and Cream wave

Tails: next is a new team... Team 2 is Shadow and Rouge

Shadow: Why'd you bring me here

Rouge: Becuase you get paid and I needed a partner

Shadow: Selfish

Tails: I'm glad there up and ready anyway...Team 3 is Jet and Wave

Jet: We won't lose

  • Jet and Wave slap hands

Tails: Alright now it's time for NAME THE SONG I am going to have Knuckles scratch the record and you have to guess the track ready

Amy Cream Shadow Rouge Jet and Wave: Ready

Tails: Audience are you ready

  • Audience erupts with cheering

Tails: All right let's play Knux do it

  • Wikki wik wik wikki it doesn't wiki matter DING

Tails: Team 1

Cream: Amy told me it doesn't matter

Amy: No no no the song is It Doesn't Matter

Cream: yea

Tails: 10 points to team 1 Knux

  • wikki wik wik all I am DING

Tails: Team 2

Shadow: I am...all of me

Tails: correct uh Team 3 I will let you hit the buzzer just to know what it feels like DING

Jet: Thanks

  • Crowd laughs

Tails: OK one more this is tough ready Go Knuc

  • wikki pow wik bam boom wikki wikki inside wikki boom boom boom through the DING

Tails: Team 1

Cream: I know this Follow Me

Tails: All Right we have the standings here for you

Team 1 in 1st with 20 points

Team 2 in 2nd with 10 points

Team 3 in 3rd with 00 points

Tails: Sonic up to you in the booth

Sonic: Thanks Tails will Team 1 pull it off again or will we crown a new champ found out after this

We Will Be Right Back...

Sonic: All right we have a new game called THEY CAN'T DO THAT a person will come up here to the stage and will name something they can or cannot do they have to buzz in if they can do it or not they we will see if they can do it ready teams

All: Yep

Sonic: 1st up is Big, can Big eat 250 hot dogs in a minute

  • Team 1 yes Team 2 yes Team 3 yes

Sonic: Try it Big

  • Gulp gulpgulpgulpgulpgulpgulp

Big: All done

Sonic: He did it, I knew that to. OK next is Espio can Espio hold his breath for 25 seconds

  • Team 1 no Team 2 no Team 3 yes

Sonic: Try it Espio

  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 GASP!

Espio: Yep I can do it *Faints

Sonic: Uh huh well Team 3 10 points

Jet: Amen

Sonic:Finally OK next is Shade the Echidna can she identify everybody's voice blindfolded

Team 1 no Team 2 yes Team 3 no

Sonic: Team 1 why no

Amy: Because when people here me they think I'm Wave so yeah *Sort of giggles

Sonic: Wave is that it for you to?

Wave: Yes

Shadow: DING can I change my pick

  • Audience laughs

Sonic: Uh no Shade

  • Shade puts on blindfold

Sonic: OK

  • Points to Cream, Wave, Amy, Shadow, Jet then Rouge

Cream: Hello everyone Shade do you know who I am

Shade: Cream

Cream: Rats!

Wave: Uh Hi Shade know me

Shade: Hold on....A--My

Sonic: Nope Team 1 and Team 3 10 points our standings look like this

Team 1 50 points

Team 2 40 points

Team 3 30 points

Sonic: We will be right back after this


Knuckles: All right next and final game is WHO IS IT??? I will name off different clues that lead to the person every correct answer is 10 points 60 seconds and the time starts....NOW!

Clue no.1 a Hedgehog 60 59 58 57 56 55

Clue 2 From the Future 54 DING

Team 2

Shadow: Silver

Knuckles: Correct next

Clue no.1 a cat 53 DING

Team 1

Amy: Blaze

Knuckles incorrect

Clue 2 A Flabby Tabby 52 51 50

Clue 3 B.G the Cat 49 DING

Team 3

Wave: Big the Cat

Knuckles: Right next

Clue no. 1 a villain 48 47 46 45

Clue 2 Made of Metal 44 43 42 DING

Team 3

Jet: Metal Sonic

Knuckles: Sorry keep guessing teams 1 and 2 41 40

Clue 3 Paint color red 39 38 37 36 DING

Team 2

Rouge: Metal Knuckles

Knuckles: That is correct my Favorite villain by the way next

Clue 1 Old foe 35

Clue 2 Big tooth 34 33 DING

Team 2

Shadow: Fang the Sniper

Knuckles: You're on it next character

Clue no. 1 a Anti character 32 31 30

Clue 2 Green eyed and green something else 29 28 27 DING

Team 3

Jet: Scorge the Hedgehog/ Anti-Sonic

Knuckles: correct

Clue no. 1 Babylon Rouge 26 25

Clue 2 Doesn't carry around to many light bulbs 24 23 DING

Team 3

Wave: That dumb Albatross Storm

Knuckles: correct

Clue no.1 Echidna 22 21 20

Clue 2 Pale 19 18 17 16 DING

Team 1

Cream: You!!!

Knuckles: Not funny keep goin 15

Clue 3 Dr. F.nite.vus 14 13 DING

Team 2

Rouge: Doctor Finitevus

Knuckles: correct next

Clue no. 1 Girl 12 11 10

Clue 2 One of Sonic's girls 9 8 7 DING

Team 1

Amy: ME

Knuckles: No 6 DING

Team 3

Wave: Sally Acorn

Knuckles: yup

Final question

Green 5 4 3 2 1 BUUUUZZZZ!!!!!

Knuckles: let's check the final standings

Last place Team 1 50 points

2nd Place Team 3 70 points

And 1st place Team 2 80 points they are our champions

  • Confetti shoots out of cannon, Crowd roars

Rouge: I got some more money

Shadow: What about me?!

Rouge: Nah I don't feel like

Shadow: Oh you will after this

Knuckles: All right Sonic take us home

Sonic: Bye everybody next thursday brand new contestants Be here


Sonic: oh dear, ROUGE SHADOW CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye

Episode 3

Sonic:Hello everyone for me it seems like time flew this week but it's that time Tails over to you

Tails:Thanks Sonic 1st we have our returning champions Shadow and Rouge

Rouge:You're not getting money

Shadow:Yes I am

Tails:Team 2 is Ray and Mighty

Ray:If we don't know the answer we will not answer

Mighty:Yes what's your point

Tails:They're fun and finally Antoine and Bunnie

Bunnie:I hope we win

Tails:1st we'll play Name That Song you should know how all of this works right


Tails:OK Knux do it

  • Wikki wikki Must I wik wiki wikki Float away DING

Tails:Team number 2

Ray:Isn't that song Unawakened Float

Tails:Yes it it Ray 10 points for your team


Tails:Play another

  • wikkiw ikiiwk I see it I DING

Tails:Team 1

Rouge:Endless Possibility



  • wikki wikki wikki Yet my Feet wikki wikkiw ikki Sonic Her-DING

Tails:Team 3

Bunnie:Sonic Heroes the Song

Tails:Correct and that is it everyone is tied for 1st place with 10 points we'll be right back

We Will Be Right Back....

Sonic:OK we are going to play SPELL IT they have to spell the correct word 1st will get 30 points 2nd will get 20 and last will get 10 ready


Sonic: All right we'll start simple spell Tikhaos



Sonic:OK now the 1st Team has Tikaos BUZZZ incorrect Team 2 Tikhaos and Team 3 is Tikhaos Correct now Antoine was that so hard

Antoine:Cool it Blue porcupine

Sonic:Whoa now OK next Team 2 spell Cat and Team 3 spell hippomonostasusquipadeleaphobea


Sonic:I'm kidding OK both teams spell Temple of Komometz

Sonic:OK let's check up Team 2 Temmple of Komometz WHAT you would have gotten it right if you spelled Temple right

Mighty:We didn't spell Temple right

  • Antoine bursts into laughter

Sonic:Wow OK Team 3 you win 30 points on top of you 10 gives you 40 points Team 2 you have 30 and Team 1 you have 20

We Will Be Right Back...

Knuckles:OK we will now play WORD JUMBLE I will mix up a name and you have to guess who it is ready


Knuckles:Let's go gygfor 60 59 58 57 56 55

gygFor 54 53 52 51 DING

Knuckles:Team 3


Knuckles:Correct next is gnfa 50

gnFa 49 DING

Knuckles:Team 1

Shadow: Fang

Knuckles:Correct next puzzle is desah 48 47 46 45

deSah 44 43 42 41 40


Knuckles:No one there next one is chdeshiarme 39 38 37 36 35

chdeshiArme 34 33 32 31 30


Knuckles:No one again

Antoine:How were we supposed to get that

Knuckles:Your team is in the lead for Pete's sake don't whine

Pete:He said my name

  • Crowds erupts with cheers

Antoine:Uh what's going on

Knuckles:You're just the life of the party here aren't you I don't even know who Pete is

Pete:He said my name

  • Crowd Erupts with Cheers

OK that's it Shadow you take over

Shadow:OK Team 1 wins

  • Antoine's jaw drops to floor Crowd carries off Shadow

Shadow:Thanks everyone

Antoine:This is ubsurd this is just wrong this is rigged this is a joke

Sonic:Call in 911

  • Police car sirens go off

Antoine:This is an outrage

  • Swings fists violently dentind the walls

Tails: Stop it!!!

Bunnie:Calm down honey

Antoine:I won't calm down for Pete's sake

Pete:He said my name

  • Crowd comes back into the stands erupting with cheers
  • 911 arrests Antoine

Antoine:'I AM' FURIOUS

Sonic:This is all the time for today *Explosion

Sonic:Don't smoke drive safe leave now

  • Flames explode behind him

Sonic:Whatcha waitin for GO this will get

Episode 4

Sonic:Hey Everybody today is a brand new Game Show this is the reunite episode when the former champions come together for this episode let's go to Tails

Tails:Thanks the teams today are...

Tails:Cream and Amy

  • Audience cheers while Amy and Cream smile

Tails:Next is Shadow and Rouge

Rouge:Thanks for making us win last time more money for me

Shadow:I hate you

Rouge:Get in line

Tails:There a great couple and next is Mina and Ash a new team


Ash: We'll win

Tails:Alright 1st is NAME THAT SONG 1st to name the song wins ready


Tails:Alright Knuckles go

  • Wikki wik wik wik Tail, Wing,Claw DING

Tails: Team 2

Shadow: Catch me if you can

Tails:Correct 10 points Knux

  • Wikki wham bam wikki wik flyin higher DING

Tails: Team 1

Cream:Your theme Believe in Myself

Tails:Yep 10 points my favorite song by the way next one

  • All DING

Tails:Uh team-

Shadow:All Hail Shadow

Tails:Wow OK that's it Shadow and Rouge have 20 points, Amy and Cream have 10 points, and Mina and Ash have none that's it we'll be back

We'll Be Right Back...

Sonic:OK we are back and ready to play SPELL IT just spell it right and get points ready guys

Everyone but Shadow:Ready


Shadow:I uh...I gotta go

Sonic:Oh my goodness go dude



Sonic:OK let's go now spell Knuckles Chaotix

Sonic:OK let's see if you spelled this right Team 1 spelled Knuckles Chaotix good. Team 2 spelled it Knuckles Chaotix an Team 3 spelled it Knuckles Chaotix OK next is

Sonic: Mobius University

Sonic:OK let's see this Team 1 Mobius U uh no Team 2 Mobius Univarsity no and team 3 has it Mobius University Team 3 wins 30 points right now the score is

Sonic: Shadow and Rouge got 20 points that's 40 points Ash and Mina have 30 points and Team 1 has 10 points we'll be back

We Will Be Right Back...

Knuckles: OK now it's time for WILL YOU DO IT one team will choose Easy 10 points Medium 20 points or Hard 30 points what they choose what it says on the card they will have to do ready


Knuckles:OK go Team 1

Cream:I'll go first Hard please

Knuckles:OK um... hug a cactus

Cream:Um NO

Knuckles:OK you lose Team 2


Knuckles: Allright um...Kiss moh Kay how about the other card

  • Rouge kisses Knuckles


Shadow:Good job more points

Knuckles:OK Team 3


Knuckles:OK jump through a fiery hoop


Knuckles:Jump through a fiery hoop

Ash:Oh my goodness OK

Mina:Do it do it

Everyone:Do it do it do it

Audience:Do it do it do it do it


  • 2 inch hoop comoes out

Ash:Oh my

  • Ash turns away

Ash:No no no no no no

  • Hoop has pretend fire

Ash:Oh come on

  • Ash tries to sqeeze through hoop

Ash:That's to small this is ubsurd Knux

Knuckles:So you said you'd do it

Ash:I know but...



  • Ash just sqeezes through it

Knuckles:Phew OK that was bad Shadow your turn

Shadow: Medium

Knuckles:OK...Pretend you have an imaginary friend


Knuckles:OK Team 3 to win


Knuckles: say we win

Mina:We win

Knuckles:You win

Mina:We win

Knuckles:And there you go Team 3 wins and that's a wrap Sonic

Sonic:All right see you in March for a little break see ya then