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Sonic Shorts 1

1 B: Smooth Sonic

2 C: Knuckles: I DIDN'T DO IT I SWEAR

3 D: Eh

4 B: NO SONIC!!! Oh wait

5 A: Watch out for that cameraguy

6 A: Sha-dow there ARE little children watching

7 C: Bananas go to your room


9 C: He might have a little obsession...just a little


11 B: Tails! I think you're gonna be a father and no it's not Cosmo

12 C: I've done that the b**** thing not the pointy rock

13 A+: Please Shadow the last thing we need is an emo Sonic wait what did you do to Cream?

14 F: Not funny

15 A: Amen Coco

16 C: Dr. RRRRRRRRRobotnik

17 C: Still

18 C: At least he tried to look awesome

19 D: The best part was punching Chris and the stone looks like you can find in my toilet if you know what I'm saying

20 D: And to close it out the two worst things SonAmy and my dad's feet


Best to worst

1 The Emo

2 Don't Curse the Chao

3 The Latin Guy Who has a Heart

4 Sonic and the Secret Rings Unedited

5 Chris the Chicken

6 Sonic the Dumb

7 Tails the Father

8 The Underwater Scam

9 He's STILL Goin

10 The $5 Dollar Toll

11 The Groin

12 The Chili Dog

13 Dr. Rrrrrobotnik Battle

14 The Slip

15 The Master Emerald Thingy

16 Sonic's Shoes

17 The Comet

18 Sonic 06

19 The Emo Trampoline

20 Shade

Sonic Shorts 2

1 A: Nothing better then Vector aginst SonAmy. I think that is THE most popular Sonic Shorts of them all.

2 C: Some Scenes not Suitable For Children

3 B: Sonic are you that dumb

4 C: YES Now there can be a Silonic without Sonic being gay...just kidding

5 D: You do that OK

6 C: Now that's just gross

7 B: For the love of all things good and holy SHUT UP!

8 C: Pervert Alert

9 D: He makes a good point

10 D: OH NO!

11 D: Pitpocketer!

12 C: Did he say you took my precious jewels?

13 F: Uh OK that was boring

14 B: I remember "Big catches Frogger"

15 B: Respect the toast man

16 B: Who is he?

17 C: In honor of that blue guy


Tails doll creepiness B

18 A: Big found a frog WTF?

19 A: So did mine



1 The Egg Dance

2 Big Found a Frog (Gy)

3 Press the Circle Button to Slide

4 Poor Eggman


6 The Toast

7 The Rejects

8 Big Attacks Frogger

9 The Knuckles Song

10 Sonic and Shadow Images

11 The Fat Blue Statue

12 Chili Dog Ingredients

13 Where is Froggy?

14 Sonic Meets Silver

15 Sonic Drift Review

16 Sonic the Pickpocketer

17 There is an American Among Us


19 SonAmy Chase

20 Sonic Sez

Sonic Shorts 3

1 A: Medic

2 C: He looks like the Simpsons Sonic at the end

3 B: Amen

4 F: Old Joke

5 A+: Someone needs to work out

6 C: It's the best thing since underwear

7 D: O...K

8 D: weird

9 C: Who puts Emo Germs in space

10 C: Seriously dude

11 C: Dude I hate Windows to

12 D:K

13 B: Like I said in Shorts 1 just a little obsession

14 C: sure it is

15 F: That made no sense

16 F: That was like 1/2 a second

17 A: Whoops YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS... if it's for the world

18 B: I don't remember him

19 C: So lazy

20: A+++++++++++++++: L...O...L


1 Froggy Lecture

2 The Race

3 Sonic Underground Rock Band

4 Sonic 06 Paradox

5 Sonic Hates Mario

6 Chili Dog Sale

7 Chaos

8 The Race 2

9 Eggman Just Got Fatter

10 Sonic Gets Sick

11 Windows Malfunction

12 Shadow Finds Himself Food

13 Space Skiing

14 Slow Motion Spring Hit

15 Tails is To Slow

16 Bean Dance

17 Froggy's Eyes

18 Japanese Eggman

19 1/2 Second Clip

20 Knuckles Gets Pranked

Sonic Shorts 4

Sonic Shorts 5

Sonic Shorts 6

Sonic Shorts 7 (Coming Soon)